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2014-2: Africa Quilt Block

??????????Well known and very accomplished quilter, Renske Helmuth, a member of my quilt guild, the Waterloo County Quilters Guild, is coordinating a quilt comprised of blocks from all the areas of Africa to be used as the 2015 featured quilt for the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale.   When Renske proposed the quilt, many members of our guild eagerly jumped at the chance to contribute to her project.

Renske held several group design workshops at her house in the fall of 2014 and we all left with supplies for a block of a specific size to create and return at the January 2015 guild meeting.  This 12″ by 16″ block is one that features fabrics and images from northern Africa.  The batik center panel is one I purchased during my travels over the years.  I was particularly happy to make a block from Northern Africa, since those are the only countries in Africa which I have visited.  The block is combined with Warm and Natural batting and an subtle African print backing.  The quilting has a geometric pattern in the sashing and a giraffe fill in the main block.  The assembly will be done in the Quilt as You Go style.    This block was made oversize so that Renske can cut it down to the exact measurements she requires.

After the blocks were returned to her, Renske assembled two quilts, selecting blocks that are complementary to each other.  We have not yet seen the final result, but I understand the quilt will be unveiled in May 2014.  The auction will be in May 2015.  I can hardly wait to see the finished result.