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2016-28 Tropical Batik Table Topper


This little table topper started with some leftover batik strip blocks in my orphan block boot box.  Occasionally, I go through the box to see what I can make from the leftovers.  These strip blocks spoke to me.  I decided to team them up with a tropical batik print and make a little table topper.   The deep fuschia inner border and binding unify the prints to make a fun little topper.
It was custom quilted with a large tropical leaf design done in a teal green thread.
This will make a good hostess gift.  It feels good to have gifts ready at hand.



2016-24 Winding Ways Topper


This table topper (40″ by 40″) was created with the blocks leftover from my friend’s Pat’s Winding Ways Quilt (2016-17).  Some of these blocks were my tester blocks when I was figuring out how to get the best results. a few of these do not meet well in the middle, so they were not good enough for Patty’s quilt.  (Look closely in the bottom row and you will see what I mean.) Some of the blocks are just leftover because of color placement and balance in the quilt.  So at the end of her quilt project, I had 16 leftover blocks.

I do not like having left-overs in my studio, so I try to make them up into another project or just give them away.  Sixteen blocks is  just enough to make a table topper that can double as a small table cloth.  It went together quickly.  Since I  had scraps of Pat’s borders still sitting on my cutting table,  I put the same borders on this one too.  It was very simple to make because most of the work was already done.

The digital quilting design is “Wild Mouse” by Ann Bright.  It is an edge to edge design that gives great movement to the topper but can be executed quickly on the longarm.  The matching binding was attached to the front and hand stitched to the back.

This is a nice outcome for blocks that did not make the cut to go into the large quilt.   It will have a very useful life!








2016-8 Dutchman Puzzle Topper


This topper was made with some leftover blocks from a workshop I led.  With just enough flying geese to make four Dutchman Puzzle blocks, I decided to put them together into a table topper.   There was enough fabric left over to add the navy sashing and yellow inner border and navy outer border.  The backing fabric is the same as the light blue flying geese.

The quilting is done in a medium blue thread that goes well with the navy fabrics, but seems too contrasting on the yellow.  If I were to do this over, I would change my quilting designs so that I could custom quilt the yellow flying geese with yellow thread.  We live and we learn.  That is one of the things I find quite inspiring about quilting.  We can always find a way to do it better the next time!


2015-15 Butterfly Topper

butterfly-topperThis butterfly topper started with a leftover block that was not quite accurate at the center meeting points.  I decided that a central applique would hide the mismatched points.  The butterfly was fussy cut from a remnant in my scrap bin, fused to the centre and then secured with a narrow zig-zag stitch.  I then added two borders that echoed the colours of the star block.  The quilting is a an allover butterfly design.  If I were to do it over, I would choose a different thread colour, as I feel this medium blue thread does not enhance the piecing.  This topper will be a donation to my fall fair silent auction table.

2015-10 Xmas Block Topper



This little table topper started with a friend’s leftover block to which I added three borders and then custom quilted with gold thread.  The quilting design by Christy Dillon is called Naysa’s feathers.  The custom quilting adds a very elegant touch.  It will make a nice hostess gift for someone special.

2015-9: Autumn Strips Topper



This little topper started from a few leftover blocks to which I added sashing and then two borders.  It is quilted with one of the blocks from the Majestic Pines group of patterns by Donna Kleinke of One Song Needle Arts.  The warm brown binding echo the medium brown in the strip pieced blocks.  A quick and easy project that will make a nice hostess gift for the right person.

2014-13 Batik Ferns Table Topper


This little table topper was fun to make and it took on extra magic when I quilted it in a dense fern texture digital pattern by Ann Bright.  The teal blue flange pulls out the blue in the batiks and the solid black border adds drama and contrast.  I use this as either a table topper or a table cloth and it works out well.

I particularly like the detail in the quilting.



2014-12 Horse Table Topper

horse-table-topperThis table topper started with a few leftover stack and whack blocks made from horse themed fabric.  Because of how the fabric is cut, it is difficult to recognize the horse theme, but I know and I enjoy the hidden partial horses.  My great grandfather was a blacksmith, so I especially appreciate the horse theme.  It was densely quilted with a cobblestone pattern and makes a great candle mat.

2013-13 Pine Bough Table Topper

Pine Bough Table TopperThis small table topper was made from a small strip of border print.   It is assembled from 6 triangles, cut alternately from the border strip.

Cutting Border PrintOnce cut, the triangles were rearranged to form a hexagon.  Assembling it is easiest when three triangles are joined to form one half of the hexagon.  Then the two halves are sewn together, taking care to match the center seam.

I quilted the topper with a digital design called Majestic Pines by Donna Klineke of One Song Needle Arts.  I used Shape Shift to pull the design into the corners of the hexagon.  The tread is a camel colored So Fine on top and an off white Bottom Line in the bobbin.    The back of the table topper shows the design more clearly.

Hanukkah Print Backing

The topper fabric is appropriate for most of the winter, even though it is a Christmas print.  The backing is a Hanukkah print, so I think of this as my multi-faith table topper.  I can flip it over for the appropriate holiday celebration!

The binding is applied to the front and hand stitched to the back.  I chose to do the binding by hand because we had a trip out of town and I needed something to do on the long drive.  So now it is done!

2013-7: Xmas Gold Table Topper


This table topper, made of luscious gold print Kaufman fabrics was fun to quilt. I used Nancy Haacke’s Snowflake Simple pantograph using a tan colored So Fine and a Cream colored Bottom Line.  It quilted up nicely!  The snowflakes in the design coordinate with the snowflakes in the fabric print.

I used my new machine binding technique.  This time, I applied the binding to the back, folded over to the front and stitched using MonoPoly on top with a blanket stitch (narrow width, long length).  My Bernina balked at sewing with MonoPoly on top.  After five tries, rethreading, cleaning, changing needle and anything else I could think of, I finally gave up.  I put MonoPoly in the bobbin and used a light tan Bottom Line on top.  It sewed like a dream.  The Bottom Line is so fine, it basically fades into the fabric.   I was again quite pleased with the result.  Now that my machine binding turns out better, I am going to make it my go-to binding method.  Definitely is a lot faster to do it this way!

This table topper will be a donation quilt.   Hopefully it can benefit a charity.