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Project 2011-26: Wedding Sampler 4

This Sampler quilt is one of the tops my mother has made as a future wedding gift for one of her grandchildren.    I like how the four maple leaf blocks anchor the corners of this sampler quilt.

I quilted this top on my longarm with the CircleLord Swirlz template, using white polycore thread.  It worked up very quickly with this template. I was finished in less than three hours, including set-up time.  I like fast!  This is the last of the current tops I have from my mother.  That makes seven done.  she plans to make four more for me to quilt.  Hopefully, she will not do it too quickly because I need some time to get some of my own flimsies converted into quilts!

Done feels good.  Now I have a large IKEA bag packed with the four quilts to deliver to her in mid November when I go to visit.

This is the halfway point in my goal of completing 52 projects in 2011.  Now the tally is 26 done and 26 more to go!  Still achievable, even though I will not have a lot of time to fritter away!  I’ll have to take extra precautions to avoid distraction!  No new projects!

Project 2011-23: Wedding Sampler

This sampler quilt is one of the tops that my mother made as future wedding gifts for her grandchildren.

I quilted it using the Circle Lord Baptist Fan template.  It was my first time using this template and ‘m not overly entranced with it.  I found it a bit difficult to line up and keep the fans balanced in each row.  With this pattern template,  you do not want to forget to clamp the sides of the quilt.  If not clamped, the pattern is off.  If the quilt is not fairly tight on the rollers, the fabric seems to be pushed around a bit by the machine.  This is likely due more to the loft of the batting, however, with any type of shift in the quilt, the pattern does not line up well.  There is very little forgiveness with this Baptist Fan pattern.

Finishing this sampler means one more quilt top is done and out of my flimsie cupboard.  The quilt top is now off my conscience. I have already packed it in the travel bag to be ready to take to my mother when I visit in November.    Mom will put the binding of her choice on this quilt, which pleases me.  I find binding to be the only part of quilt making that I do not relish.  So my part is finished.  Done feels marvelous.  Only two more of her tops to complete.  (And another 30 of my own!)

Project 2011-18: Grandma’s Wedding Sampler

Ruths Wedding Sampler

This sampler quilt top was made by Ruth, my 94 year old mother,  who is shown seated in the photo.

She made the tops from scraps and I quilted it, using the Circle Lord Swirlz giant template.  it is a very easy quilting method and gives great results.

Ruth is making 11 quilt tops for wedding quilts for her eleven grandchildren, who we hope will someday get married.  There is no rush, since none of them are engaged.  They are all in school and too busy for relationships right now!

After Ruth makes the tops, I am quilting them for her so that if a wedding ever happens, the quilts will be ready!  I did two similar tops – the other one is in my hand , just behind this one.   I do not have a photo of it, but it is similar to this one.

This photo was taken by my sister-in-law, Lynn,  in August at our family reunion held at my cousin Margie’s horse farm near McGregor, Ontario.