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2017-23 Quilt-As-You-Go Potholders

It seems that every year I make up a quick pair of Quilt As You Go Potholders specifically for a entry for this class at the Wellesley Fair.  They usually take me about an hour to make and then they are a good hostess gift to have on hand.   These pot holders were made from a little set of coordinated scraps I had in one of my many little baggies of leftover scraps.
So I was happy with the result – one more fair entry and one less baggie!

2012-12: Tied Flannel Quilt

Tied Flannel QuiltThis is the first quilt I have ever tied and it will probably be the last one I ever tie.  I made it simply because I wanted to have an entry for the tied quilt class at the local fair.  The advantage of tying is speed.  It is certainly fast.  I loaded it on the longarm to keep it taut and square.  Then I threaded my large needle with yarn and set about taking a small stitch, then dragging the yarn across the quilt to the next stitch.  After stitching, I then cut between each stitch and tied it off.  I continued in this manner until the entire top was tied.  Then I snipped each tie to the same length.  Despite it being quick and easy, I much prefer to densely machine quilt the three layers.  I feel that machine quilting is much more durable and is more attractive too.

Because it is made of flannel both top and bottom, the quilt is snuggly.  The finished quilt was donated to charity after the fair was over.