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2016-19 School Days Vest


This little vest was made specifically to enter into the fall fair.  I have no little children or grandchildren, but I did have this pre-printed vest panel in my stash.  So when I saw the category for a child’s vest, I decided to make this to enter.  Maybe someday the right child will come along to receive this vest.  Maybe someday I will have grandchildren.  One can only hope!

The panel was quilted to a flannelette backing with no batting, making it light enough to wear comfortably.  The quilting design is a crayon pattern done in a contrasting yellow thread that adds a bit of fun to the vest.

It was then lined with an alphabet print, top stitched and then buttons and buttonholes added.   It won first prize at each of the fairs where it was entered.  Nice outcome!







2015-26 Snowbear Vest

Xmas Vest

Sometimes I make things just to enter in the fall fair.  This was one of those times!  The fair list called for a vest.  This printed vest panel and coordinating lining was given to me by an Old Order Mennonite friend who had received it from someone else.  My friend clearly has no use for this type of clothing.  Actually, neither do I, but when the fair list called for a vest, it occurred to me that this might fit the bill!

I quilted the top panel fabric to a flannelette backing with no additional batting.  The quilting design is a dense snowflake pattern, which adds to the winter feel of the garment.  After quilting the panel, I packed it into my project bag to take to the cottage for summer stitching.  There, I trimmed it, lined it, turned it inside out, top-stitched the edges and then added the buttons and buttonholes,  Voila!  A completed vest!

The vest did well at the fall fairs this year, winning several first place ribbons, along with a $25. gift certificate to one of my favourite sewing stores!
I have no idea who will receive this vest.  I doubt I could ever convince my husband he should wear this at our Christmas Eve family party!  But that does not matter, I made it for the fair!  Hmmm.  That gives me an idea!  Maybe I should donate it to the Hand-Made Table, the silent auction table at our tiny one-day fair in Northern Ontario where the proceeds go to support the operation of the fair.


2013-29: Puddle Duck

Puddle Duck Quilt MountedWhen I had a bit of a lull before Christmas, I decided to mount some baby quilt panels and have some baby quilts made ahead so that when babies are born, there are a few ready to pull for quick gifts.

These three panels were mounted, but before I began to quilt, I realized the backing was directional and upside down, so I remounted the tops upside down too!

Puddle Duck Mounted Upside DownThe black bars are 18″ magnetic bars that keep the tops taught as I quilt them.

All three tops were quilted at once with a pantograph called Raindrops by Lisa Calle.  One of the quilts has been bound and gifted to a school auction.  The second one has made a trip to Florida and I have misplaced the third one.  I blame it on the Crhistmas bustle and I am sure it will show up as soon as I have put away the Christmas stuff.  So until I find it, I have to make do with these photos, since I cannot take a close up of the quilting!

The binding is red and suits the top quite well.  They will make great gifts for little boys.

2012-10: First Hand Quilting

DSC00153This summer, I decided to teach myself to hand quilt.  For the last 15 years, I have consistently described myself as a machine quilter, expressing zero interest in hand quilting.  I only decided to hand quilt to give me something to do while riding as a passenger in the car on long trips.  To my great surprise, I have discovered that I like hand quilting!   My first project was a small Double Wedding Ring baby panel which I quilted with a Warm and White batting.  I learned that Warm and White is not the easiest batting to needle, but I was still quite happy with the results.

I’m not fond of putting any markings on a quilt top, so I decided to mark the center of the rings with a leaf pattern cut from blue painters tape. I quilted around the outside of the leaf design.  It was easy to apply and easy to remove leaving no marks on the quilt.

I was pleased with the finished quilt and it surprised me by winning a first place ribbon at the local fall fair.


Hand quilting after removing painters tape