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2017-28: Poinsettia Runner

This little runner started out to be a French Bread Runner, but I decided to make it a bit longer, added an inner border and changed the outer border fabric.  I like how it looks and it adds a bit of Christmas cheer to the dining room table.

It is machine quilted with a design called Christmas Paisley with a gold Glide thread.  It looks metallic, but is much easier to run.  This runner will make a great hostess gift.

2017-24: French Bread Runner

This cute little runner was made from a kit purchased at Creative Sisters quilt Studio several years ago.  This year, it made it to the top of the priority list to get finished.  All of the fabrics are Christmas themed.  I added in an extra inner border because I like the look of two borders.  I quilted it with a design called “Christmas Paisley” by Ann Bright.  The binding matches the inner border.

It is nice to have a new table runner ready for Christmas!


2012-20: Prairie Braid Table Runner

Prairie Braid Table Runner

Prairie Braid Table Runner

Because I am primarily a scrap quilter, I cut up scraps and leftover fabrics into a few preferred sizes.  One of my go-to sizes is  1.5″ by 4.5″, so I always have a a bunch cut and waiting to be pieced into a project.   I used most of the pre-cut strips in an Autumn Prairie Braid quilt last year, but of course, there were still some strips remaining.

This table runner was a quick project assembled from those left over strips.  One braid is pieced with dark on one side and light on the other.  The other braid is pieced in the reverse, with light on one side and dark on the other.  The braids are trimmed to create a straight sewing edge, which are then joined together to create a strong visual dark braid in the center of the table runner.  Because the edges are on the bias, I use spray starch to keep them firm and less likely to stretch.  I pin carefully, matching up the seam lines of each braid in the center seam.   The next step is to add a coordinating border.  This  border is 3″ wide.

The runner was quilted with a meander in the center and a freehand leaf pattern on the border.  The metallic leaf print binding was applied to the front by machine and hand stitched on the back.

Border Detail

This table runner will be a hostess gift over the holiday season.