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2016-27 Pumpkin Nine Patch


This quilt was inspired by the border fabric.  I bought this fabric at the member boutique at the Quilt Show of the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  What a great sale!  I spent lots of money there and was particularly pleased with this border fabric. (Their show was exceptionally good too!)

The size of the quilt was determined by the amount of border fabric I had.  First I calculated how big I could make the quilt considering the corners had to be mitered to keep the flow of the design.  Once I knew the outside dimensions, then I built the inside of the quilt to fit.  I used some six inch nine patch blocks that came from a Guild exchange of blocks and made a few extra to expand the center.  After playing with several layout options, I selected a lovely rusty-orange fabric for the setting triangles.  It is quilted with  Superior Omni thread in Ginger Spice  using a digital design called Damask by Ann Bright.   I’m pleased with the result.

I have put it with the group of quilts from which I invite brides and grooms to select their wedding quilts.  However, I hope no one picks this one because I like it.  I could live quite happily with this quilt.









2013-15: Country Nine Patch

??????????Karen, a former work colleague, moved to a new job in another city and cleaned out her sewing room.  During the preparation for moving process, I would come into work each morning and find little gifts of fabric on my desk.  Being the fabric-obsessed person that I am, I was always thrilled.  One day, she brought me some completed nine patch blocks and a bag of 2.5 inch strips that had been destined to become more nine patch blocks.  Karen said she would never finish it, so was officially letting go!

Fast forward five years to when I became inspired to work on it.  I made the balance of the nine patches, using every available strip and then teamed them with a dusty pink shirting fabric to set them off.  In my stash, I found a calico that picked up some of the colors of the blocks for the setting triangles.

The quilt sat for a few more years because I did not have immediate inspiration for the borders.  Finally, I decided that done is better than perfect, so I pulled an old Jinny Beyer border print from my stash.  I liked the center strip in the design, but there was too much navy in the side strips.  So I cut the center strip out of the design and added two side strips of muted green to make it wider and tone down the intensity of the strip.  I did not have enough of the fabric to do mitered corners, so I made four additional nine patch blocks using the border fabric, the muted green and the setting square fabric.  They worked well as corner blocks.  The backing is a country garden print which contained all of the colors of the top.  It too was from my stash!

The quilting is a pattern called Anne’s Garden by Anne Bright.  The thread is a dusty rose Superior So Fine with a rose colored Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The binding is a navy with violet overtones.  The straight grain binding was attached on the front and finished on the back with Superior MonoPoly.

Hooray!  Another one done and off my conscience!

2013-9: Vintage Nine Patch

Vintage Nine Patch

Several years ago when I was busy with work related travel, I had little time for piecing tops.  I got the bright idea to purchase tops on eBay so I could quilt them as I had time.  It sounds good in theory, but the reality is quite different.  I purchased a dozen tops, but the quality of the fabric and condition of the tops left a bit to be desired.  When I opened the packages, I was somewhat dismayed by my impulsive and imprudent purchases.  Chagrined, I stuffed them into a cupboard for several years, but since my retirement, I have forced myself to bring them out of hiding and quilt them.

This vintage nine patch quilt is one of those infamous e-Bay flimsies.  The vintage cotton top is hand pieced and showed evidence of unprotected storage in an attic where little four footed creatures scurry.  Sigh!

I prepared a backing of a greenish grey shirting and quilted it with a tan thread in a pattern called Pretty Posie, designed by Tammy Finkler, which suited the old fashioned nature of the quilt.  The batting is Warm and Natural – 100% cotton.

Once quilted, I soak-washed the quilt, using a healthy dose of Fantastic on the stains on the top.  After a good rinse, I dried it in the dryer.  It came out soft and puckered, like a well-worn old  quilt.  I then bound the quilt with a slate blue cotton shirting.

I’m quite pleased with the final result.   The stains are mostly gone and it looks like a well loved vintage quilt.  My son has asked me not to give it away and I have agreed.  This quilt will find a home at our summer cottage where it will be a great snuggle quilt for cool summer evenings on the screened-in porch.    Now I am sorry I left this top hidden in a cupboard for so many years!

2012-2: Scrappy 9 Patch Quilt

Nine Patch QuiltMy mother brought this scrappy nine patch top to me at Christmas so I could quilt it for her.  It is the tenth of eleven quilts that we are preparing as future wedding gifts for her eleven grandchildren.  I heard a rumor at Christmas that  my niece might get engaged in the spring.   She would be the first of the eleven grandchildren to take that step.  She will be able to select her quilt from the eleven finished quilts.

Mom is a committed scrap quilter and she enjoys seeing the sparkle emerge in a quilt top.  She prefers a fluffy batting, so these are quilted  with a medium density meander.  The design is a trillium meander, from Darlene Epp’s little book on meanderings.

The top measures 50 inches by 70 inches and is quilted with a light blue poly thread.  I’ll deliver the quilt to my mother in early February and she will add the binding.

This is one of the quilts I had committed to do in 2012, which now can be checked off my list and counted as a goal completion.  I like to get the commitments out of the way to free me for creative play.  When something is pressing on my conscience, I find it hard to enjoy guilt-free creative expression.   I prefer to play without guilt, so I’m glad this one is done!

Goal Status:  2 done, 49 more to go!

Project 2011-36: Nine Patch – Wedding Quilt # 9

This scrappy nine-patch quilt is the ninth top that I have quilted for my mother.  It is one of the eleven quilts she is making as wedding gifts for her grandchildren.  She told me last week that she was very pleased that I had suggested she make them now, even though no one is engaged to be married.  She said she would not have had the idea to do it.  Now each of the grandchildren will have a wedding gift from their grandmother, even if she is no longer living when they get married.  Mom is 94 and the youngest grandchild is only 13.  Despite her fabulous health, it is quite possible she may not live long enough to see him married!  Marrying a bit later than normal seems to be a trend in our family.   It seems that we all want to be well-educated and travel the world before we settle down!

Be cause  the eighth and ninth quilts were so much alike, I mounted them both on the long arm at the same time with one wide backing.  This quilt is also quilted with the Circle Lord Swirls design with a white thread.  It works up quickly and the movement of the design seems to take the eye away from any piecing challenges.

Goal Status:  36 quilts done and 16 more to go to reach my goal of 52 completed quilts by Dec 31st.  There are 5 and a half weeks left to New Year’s Eve, so that means I have to finish three projects per week.  Still manageable, I think!  I’m going to have to be very efficient in my Christmas preparations.  I will have to ensure my family’s offers to help are warmly accepted!

Project 2011-11: Grandma’s Wedding Quilt 1

This is a wedding quilt for one of my mother’s grandchildren.  She made the top and I did the quilting and binding.

Grandma's Wedding Quilt # 1 - Scrappy Nine Patch

My mother is a prolific quilter and has made all of her grandchildren quilts in the past, but now she is  concentrating on cleaning out her stash and makes mostly
charity quilts.  A few years ago, I suggested to my mother that she make make wedding quilts for the grandchildren, even though there are no weddings in sight. I offered to quilt the tops on my long arm and then the quilts could be set aside for whenever the weddings occur. That could be a few years in the future, as the youngest grandchild is only 12. She promptly made a stack of tops and sent them to me. At the time, I was exceedingly busy at work and caring for an ill sibling, so the tops got set on the proverbial pile of flimsies. Two years later, now semi-retired, I am finally getting around to quilting them.

Perhaps I have been lulled into procrastination by the fact that there are still
no weddings in sight. Only one of the eleven grandchildren has a steady beau.

However, I suddenly realized that even if there are no imminent nuptials, my
mother still needs to see these quilts finished during her lifetime. She is 94
years old. She is amazing and we all think she will live forever, but maybe I
shouldn’t count on that. I had better get them done, just in case she is mortal
like the rest of us.

So here is the first one done. I quilted it freehand with an overall feather
meander.  It is approximately 60″ by 85″, judging by the photo where it just covers the top of a queen sized bed.

Take home lesson: Do it now!  Time doesn’t stop just because I am busy.