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Project 2011-28: Double Pinwheels

This blue double pinwheel quilt was my oldest UFO.  The quilt started with my making a large set of double pinwheel blocks in 1997.  These were my second set of blocks ever.  I made them when I was blissfully unaware of the need for accuracy in seams.  When I got them done, I could not decide how to set them together, so I set them aside.  During my summer vacation in 2006, I dug them out of the cupboard to finish the quilt.  By then, I had learned a great deal about accuracy in quilting, so the inaccuracies and mismatched points were quite glaring to me.  To get the blocks to play well together and look somewhat similar, I floated the blocks on point and then used a squaring ruler to trim them to an identical size.

The sashing is a blue and white striped shirting cotton and the sashing blocks are a lovely batik that I purchased in Barrie Ontario.  The finished top was a very accurate 84′ by 84″ square.  I pondered adding a border.  Pondering takes time!  So finally in Nov 2011, I decided to simply quilt it as is and add the binding.    The five years of thinking time must have been worth it.  It turned out great!  I quilted it with the CircleLord Swirlz template and hand stitched the binding.

The finished quilt goes into my wedding stash.  Someday, a bride will be very happy to have this monochromatic, restful quilt.