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2018-2 Flannel Rag Quilt

Flannel Rag Quilt


This quilt is my longarm quilted version of a rag quilt.  A few years ago, I bought the stash of a woman who was giving up quilting.  She has a LOT of flannel.  I found several sets of rectangles that I felt could be combined into a pleasing quilt.

I cut pieces of scrap batting slightly smaller than the rectangles.  I mounted a large piece of flannel backing on the longarm and then basted each of these rectangle/batting pairs onto the backing.  I selected an open quilting design  that would maintain the fluffiness of the quilt and look more stylish than the typical X quilting design one generally sees on a rag quilt.  When the pieces were all quilted, I squared them up and sewed them together.  My dear friend Sue lent me a pair of spring action scissors that are fabulous for cutting the fringe.  I prefer to bind the outside of the quilt rather than fringing it.  Binding gives the quilt more stability and strength.

The finished quilt was entered in the fall fair and won first prize.  The picture shows the quilt on display at the fair.  (Note to American readers…In Canada, the red ribbon is the desirable one!)  I have since given it away to one of my preferred charities, a group called Canadian Food for Children.

2018-1 Red and White Rescue Quilt

Red and White Quilt

Dumpster Rescue Quilt


This quilt was rescued from the dumpster at Bibles for Missions, a thrift store in Chatham, Ontario.  My brother bought it with the intention of cutting it up for padding for another project.  My sister in law, horrified that he would cut up a quilt, rescued it from him and then gave it to me to clean and repair.

The quilt was VERY dirty, so I soaked it in the tub several times, gently squishing suds through it to get it much, much cleaner.  I then repaired the ripped seams with careful blind stitches.  I patched holes and frayed bits as appropriate.   In some areas, the quilting stitching is broken, but I decided to leave it be, since my own hand stitching is distinct from this quilter’s stitch and the difference in  consistency  would make it immediately noticeable as a repair.  The tattered white binding was removed and then replaced it with a red fabric of similar vintage and intensity.   The quilt looks strikingly better and I am pleased with the result.  I think the original quilter would be happy with my rescue of her work.

While working on it, I wondered if I was merely wasting my time on a quilt that was clearly past its prime.  However, last summer, I entered the quilt in the fall fair category of yard sale/thrift shop quilt and won first prize.  That felt like a confirmation that all of my effort on this rescue quilt was worth it.

Now it is living a second life as a Christmas decoration that is brought out of storage only in December.  It adds a lovely festive touch to our family room and is soft and cozy to snuggle under while watching Christmas movies.

2017-31 Radiating Star Throw

This throw sized quilt is done in colours that I love and feel quite content to have in my home environment.  It feels like a subdued Christmas quilt – one that I can use all year long.

The centre part was in my stash for a long time before I became determined to finish it.  I added the borders during a quilt retreat in October, then quilted it in November.  I hand stitched the binding beside the fireplace during a cold winter weekend at the cottage.  Now, another finished project!  Hooray!

2017-14 Wonky Log Cabin

Here is another cozy quilt which I finished hand quilting during the summer of 2017.  it sure feels good to have these projects finished and off my To Do list.   This quilt had been languishing in the half-done pile for a long time.  Once I got at it, it did not take too much time to finish up the last two rows of blocks.  Because it has both flannel fabric on top and flannel fabric as backing it is really soft and cozy.  The batting, a thin cotton batting adds to the old-fashioned feel of the quilt.  Flannel does not hold its shape as well as regular quilting fabrics, but it is definitely a snuggle quilt.  I quite like the feel and warmth of this lovely little quilt.

2016-10 Poker Quilt


This afghan sized quilt uses a poker themed fabric in the stack and whack blocks.  These are made from fabric I bought at the members boutique of the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild in Davenport Iowa.  I set those blocks with a plain back setting triangles.  The narrow yellow stop border and poker print inner border contain the spinning triangles.  The solid black outer border gives a nice canvas to show the motion in the quilting design.  The digital design is “Bounce” by Ann Bright.  The quilt is bound with a blue and red watery fabric that picks up the colours of the pinwheels.

I’m sure a card player will love this quilt.





2016-7 Merry Merry


This quilt was inspired by the center panel which I purchased at the quilt show of the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild in Davenport, Iowa.   Sometimes you need a simple project and this was definitely it!  I pulled the small green checked inner border and Christmas ribbon weave print outer border fabrics from my stash. It was backed with a fun novelty Santa print and quilted with a Christmas Lights design by Deb Giessler.  The hand stitched tonal red binding finished it off nicely.

This quilt makes a wonderful Christmas Sofa Throw.  It was selected by my niece Jaime and her husband Travis as their wedding quilt.







2015-25 Zodiac Stack and Whack

Stack and WhackThis Stack and Whack quilt was made from a UFO I purchased at the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild show in Davenport, Iowa.  The guild had a great show and a wonderful sale area.  I spent too much money there!

This package contained the stack and whack pieces cut out, the navy background pieces and enough of the Zodiac themed yardage for the borders and binding.  I added the setting triangle fabric from my stash and bought the wheat coloured inner border to coordinate.   This was the first quilt I assembled on my new featherweight machine.  It was very pleasant to piece this – a project I did in small snippets of time during a small quilting class with advanced level children.  When they did not need me, I just stitched away on my project and they stitched away on theirs.  It was very companionable and gave me something to do rather than stand over them when they were fully capable of sewing on their own.

Once the top was pieced, I quilted it with a design called Just Stars, which enhanced the Astrological theme of the fabric and echoed the stars of the setting triangles.  The thread is a gold Omni by Superior Threads.

The finished quilt was given to Adam and Meg as a wedding quilt.  Adam is a neighbour at our cottage who played in the forest, swam, boated, skiied and eventually partied every summer with our two children.  He is the first of the very tight knit group of seven cottage kids to get married.  He chose a lovely life partner and we were happy for them both.


2013-25: Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Double Wedding Ring QuiltThis lap sized Double Wedding Ring quilt is made with consistent four patch corners and anchor posts.  The balance of the arc shape is made from a coordinated set of scraps.  The white on white print of the centre and melon pieces features tiny butterflies.

The quilting design is Forget Me Not double wedding ring set from Donna Klienke of One Song Needle Arts.  The arcs are quilted with continuous curves created with a point to point method.  Very time consuming, but I really like the result.

Quilt Detail 1

The thread is a cotton covered poly on top and a rose coloured Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilting Detail 2

The finished quilt will go into my quilt gift stash.  Someone will fall in love with it someday!

Outreach Teamwork

??????????This quilt”Batik on Angle” was made of orphan blocks donated by guild member Leslie.  I pulled the coordinating fabrics from the stash, figured out the layout and sent it to guild member Adriana to assemble.  It came back as a top and I quilted it with Keryn Emmerson’s Bramble panto.  Then guild member Annie added the label and binding.    ??????????

Last November, when guild member Diane suddenly passed away, our guild received many of her UFOs.  This quilt came from a stack of carefully pieced flying geese.  Someone else donated a large length of the brown fabric.  I designed the block and made a sample.  Using my Accuquilt cutter, I cut the brown strips to complete the blocks and guild member Ruth assembled the inner section of the quilt.  When it came back, I added the borders and then quilted it.  Guild member Nancy added the binding.  It is being donated to the organization Women in Crisis.
??????????This top is made from a set of 4 patch blocks received when guild member Diane passed away.  I dug in the stash, pulled the yellow and black and cut the pieces to make the rest of the kit.  Guild member Phyllis assembled the top.  I quilted it and then guild member Annie added the binding.   This quilt is being donated to Victim Services.

Teamwork makes the projects go faster and generates many good memories!

Outreach – Modern Quilt

Modern QuiltThis modern quilt was dropped off at my door by Leslie, the owner of Reichart’s quilt store in St. Jacobs.  I expect it was a shop sample.  I do not know if it was made by Leslie or by one of her staff.   Leslie asked if this quilt could be finished and donated to Women in Crisis.   I was happy to oblige her, as Women in Crisis is one of the groups our guild is supporting this year.  (Thanks, Leslie!)  I do not know the name of the pattern.  I saw a quilt of the same design hanging at the Mount Forest quilt show yesterday, so I suspect it is a commercial pattern, but have no idea who designed it.  Anyone know?

I quilted it with a simple basket weave pattern I created to support the modern feel of this design. The thread is a cream cotton wrapped poly on top and a cream Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The backing is a gold/rust flower print that guild member Carol brought to me a few months ago.  Carol was downsizing and found this print that came from her mothers stash in the 50’s.  The fabric was 36″ wide, so you know it has been a long time since that was in the stores!  The high quality cotton print was perfect for this quilt! (Thanks, Carol!)

The quilt has now been dropped off to guild member Kay, who will add the coordinating blue print binding and guild label before Wednesday when she will bring it to the guild meeting to be donated to Women in Crisis.  (Thanks, Kay!)  It is great to have a team of committed women who all do a small part to accomplish big things.