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2012-30: Modern Jelly Roll – Strip challenge

Modern Jelly RollThis quilt is made in a jelly roll fashion, using 2.5 inch strips, with the addition of a 2.5 inch square to join the strips.  This quilt  was made with the left over yellow and orange fabrics after all the other challenge packages were assembled.  I have never done a jelly roll race quilt- typically, I do not care for the design of it.  However when I saw an example of this quilt, which was called a modern jelly roll, I thought it had a bit more style.  I decided to try it with this set of strips.  Some of the strips were width of fabric, but most were much shorter because they were cut from scraps.  The short length strips allowed for more orange squares to be added.  Once I made the long length, I then started to assemble in jelly roll fashion – sewing the two ends together, sewing, trimming and then repeating.  When my strips were about 15 inches wide, I opted to calculate out the best way to finish – continue on in the jelly roll fashion or cut to the desired width.  I opted to divide my length of strip into five and then joined those five pieces together to finish the top.  If I would have continued on with the jelly roll method, the finished top would have been long and narrow.  This of course, was due to working with a group of fabrics that were various lengths.  I suspect I started out with more fabric than the commercial jelly roll bundle.

Joan, a guild member told me this quilt is also called a Potato Chip Quilt “because you can’t make just one”.   A Google search shows Potato Chip quilts that are very similar to this one.  The only difference seems to be a double square – one light and one dark that joins the dark and light strips to each other.

The top was quilted in a simple loop meander using a gold cotton wrapped poly on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  It was machine bound with a solid orange cotton binding.

The quilt finished at 42″ x 66″ and will go into the community Outreach inventory to be given away to a community organization at a later date.