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2016-36 Interleave Flowers

interleave-flowersThis is another interleave style quilt.  This was a design challenge to try out this style of piecing.  It is magic to see the design develop as one pieces the strips.  I can see that I did not square this up well so my binding is a bit wonky.  Oh well!  Next time I will do it better!



2016-35 Interleave Brights


The concept of Interleave designs is fascinating to me, so I’ve been playing around with Interleave quilts.  This is one of my first experiments with the quilt-as-you-go process of interleave design.  It is magical to see the design unfold as it is sewn together.  I learned a lot as I went along:  The importance of stabilizing the foundation and batting (I use children’s washable school glue); the importance of marking sewing guide lines; the importance of positioning guides; the importance of many pins (It is hard to get the strips straight without a lot of pins to stabilize the seam).  It was a fun learning process and I’m glad I decided to do this!