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2017-28: Poinsettia Runner

This little runner started out to be a French Bread Runner, but I decided to make it a bit longer, added an inner border and changed the outer border fabric.  I like how it looks and it adds a bit of Christmas cheer to the dining room table.

It is machine quilted with a design called Christmas Paisley with a gold Glide thread.  It looks metallic, but is much easier to run.  This runner will make a great hostess gift.

2017-24: French Bread Runner

This cute little runner was made from a kit purchased at Creative Sisters quilt Studio several years ago.  This year, it made it to the top of the priority list to get finished.  All of the fabrics are Christmas themed.  I added in an extra inner border because I like the look of two borders.  I quilted it with a design called “Christmas Paisley” by Ann Bright.  The binding matches the inner border.

It is nice to have a new table runner ready for Christmas!


Project 2011-33: The Last of the Shoe Fly Blocks Table Runner

There were still three Shoe Fly blocks left and my cutting table still held the fabrics of the third table runner, so what is an efficient quilter to do?  Why not make another one?  And I did!  The fabrics, dimensions, and thread are all the same.  The only difference was a slight variation in the quilting.  I was not overly keen in the stippling in the plaid fabrics, so I substituted a ribbon meander on the plaid fabrics.    So with just a little extra effort and time, I have another project done!

The photos of these two runners make me realize how using my design wall could have helped me improve the project.  The setting triangles were from one large square cut into quarters.  This of course makes the dominant red stripe quite obvious as it runs horizontal in two setting triangles and vertical in the other two.  Given that I made two identical runners, I could have easily switched the triangles so that in  one runner, they all are horizontal and the other all vertical.  I did not notice this while working on them, but in the photo, it jumps out at me.  So next time I am using plaids for setting triangles,  hopefully, I will remember this learning moment!

Even though these projects are posted here on separate days, they were all made in a production fashion.  On Monday evening, I made all of the tops.  On Tuesday evening, I quilted them and machine bound one of them.  On Wednesday, I got up early to trim and bind the remaining three.    Because I am currently out of town for six days (4 days of work, 2 days of fun!), no quilting will happen for six days.   That shortens the time left to complete my goal by almost a week!  Yikes!  Only six weeks left to meet my target.    Now I am really glad I did four smaller projects this week, making good use of the only three days of quilting time available!  I really wanted to get a large quilt completed so I could take it with me on my trip to hand-stitch the binding during the down-time.  But time was limited and  I did not manage to do that.  (Big sigh!)   However, when I return, I expect to have pent-up quilting enthusiasm that will power my progress!

Goal Status:  33 done and 19 more to go.  Feels good to be in the teen numbers!  With six weeks remaining, I have to finish three projects per week.  That leaves no time for dithering and pondering.  I’ll resolve to be decisive and efficient in my use of time.   Of course, I will also need to take good care of myself, sleeping well, getting exercise and eating healthfully to be in top form!   I’ve heard that a glass of wine makes quilting go very well.  Is that true?