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2017-29: Xmas Border Place Mats

This third set of place mats was also cut from the same border print fabric, but because it was cut from a different section of the fabric, it looks different from the first two sets.  There are three mats of this design, even though only one is shown in the photo.  These place mats sat in my UFO area for quite a while, so I am very glad to have them finished and off my conscience!

2017-27: Xmas Border Place Mats

This second set of Xmas place mats were cut from the same piece of border fabric but because they were cut from a different section of that fabric, they look quite different fro the first set.  These place mats were good practice for mitering corners.  If you do it often enough, you can get quite good at it!

They were quilted in a snowflake design with a gold shiny polyester thread which has the look of metallic thread, but is much easier to run on the longarm.  I’m happy with the result and I am sure they will come in handy sometime.

2017-26 Border Placemats

These place mats started from a nice border print, which I carefully cut into strips and then mitred around a centre rectangle.  This set also has an inner red border.  After making this set, I decided the inner border made them too large, so I eliminated that border when making the next set of place mats.   These will make a nice hostess gift to have on hand.

2016-4 Xmas Placemats


Last winter, I mounted on my longarm a length of fabric with printed panels for eighteen place mats.  I treated this as an opportunity to experiment with different crosshatch designs for place mats.  I created simple crosshatching, double cross hatching, double diamond cross hatching  and a cross hatching with an ivy border.  My favourite is the double diamond cross hatching.

It took me a while to get the binding applied and either top stitched or hand stitched.  However, after what seems like months, I have all 18 bound and ready to be given away as gifts.



Project 2011-47: Christmas Place Mats

Last year, Carmela, one of my former coworkers was refinishing her basement and in the process, had to clean out her sewing room.  I was the lucky recipient of a large box of fabric which including a stash of three different kinds of pre-quilted hexagon shaped place mats that she had cut out, but never finished.    These Christmas place mats came from that box of fabric.

I find pre-quilted fabric to be a bit limp for place mats so I opted to load  a heavy black cotton twill on the long arm and use another layer of medium weight twill as a batting before adding the quilted fabric on top.    I used a gold “Heavy Metal” thread on top and a black poly in the bobbin to create a design that looks a bit like sparkles or stars on the surface of the place mat.  Here is a closeup photo of the quilting detail:


I planned to bind them with bias binding, so opted to trim the placemats to an oval shape – partly because they are easier to bind without corners to turn, but also because I prefer oval over the hexagon shape.  The double fold bias binding was made from a high quality textured cotton.   I applied it to the back, brought it to the front and top-stiched it from the front of the place mat.  One of the great advantages of having a stiffer placemat is the ease with which the binding folds over and lays down on the top surface.  It was a dream to apply the binding.

The finished place mats look great and feel dense.  They lay very flat on the table, will protect the table from hot plates and will muffle any sound from plates and silverware.

I’m pleased with how the mats turned out.  Even my husband said he liked them!  He does not normally show much reaction beyond a quiet “Looks nice” when I show him a completed project.  I think perhaps his enthusiasm is worn down by the multitude of projects that come out of my sewing room.  LOL!

We will use these place mats for our nuclear family’s quiet early supper on Christmas Eve before the my husband’s extended family comes for the huge party with Santa and then again on Christmas morning for breakfast before my family arrives for Christmas dinner.   I’m sure the food will taste much better with these lovely place mats on the table!

Goal Status:  47 projects complete, 5 more to go to reach my target of 52 completed projects by December 31.