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Project 2011-50: Xmas Triangles Quilt

During the years from 2002 to 2006, I sporadically collected 6 inch charm squares.  I generally put aside the red and green charms with the idea of making a red and green triangle quilt.  I once had a goal to make a Christmas quilt for every bed in my house.  This one is the first! In 2010, I started assembling the triangles.  As I completed the triangles, I safety pinned them together in groups of 10.  I did not have enough red and green charms collected to complete the quilt, so only worked on the triangles when I had enough fabric squares prepared.  This year, I decided to cut all of my scraps into usable pieces, making a point of ensuring I had enough red and green squares to complete this quilt.   I assembled most of the top in November and finished it yesterday.

The borders  which came from my stash are a cute Alexander Henry print of Santa Dressing.  The colours were perfect for this quilt.  The quilting is done in white cotton covered poly on top and a white bottom line in the bobbin.  The design is Circle Lord Swirlz, my current favorite pattern.  The binding of red and white striped shirting gives a candy cane finish to the quilt.

I love the wide backing fabric.  It is not a Christmas design, but the colors work well.  I bought the fabric at a night market in Cairo, Egypt.  The quality is very good and I was quite taken by the large roses.

I found it quite fascinating that the fabric manufacturer has printed the company name on the material.  I like to see this because it will always bring back great memories of my visit to Egypt and the exhilarating  night market where I bought this fabric.

Goal Status: 50 projects complete and two more to go to get to complete my goal of 52 projects finished by December 31st.  Yikes!  That is tomorrow!  At this point, I am very glad that I have some flimsies waiting for quilting.  I still have time to get one or two on the frame and get them quilted by tomorrow night.  Will my New Year’s Eve hostess mind if I bring some hand binding with me to the party?  She is a wonderful woman and would likely get a chuckle out of it!  Hopefully I do not have to do that!