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2017-25 Baby Blocks ABC Quilt

This set of blocks were left over from project 2017-7.  I assembled them into a top during the summer of 2017 and then quilted and bound it in October.  This second top using the same blocks went much faster because it was machine quilted rather than hand quilted.  The quilting design by Anne Bright has teddy bears and ABCs.  Very fitting for this top!

2017-19 Baby Rail Bits

When I finished the Baby Rail Fence (2017-18), I had a little pile of leftover scraps.  Being at the cottage, I did not have access to my stash or any extra projects, so I started playing with the leftover scraps and came up with this layout for the small bits and the rail fence blocks.  I was pleased to be able to use up the leftovers and result in a cute little baby quilt.  It is machine quilted with a cute design by Ann Bright featuring bunnies and ABCs.  The design goes very well with the green alphabet sashing.

2017-18 Baby Rail Fence

This baby quilt was made from a purchased kit with pre-cut strips.  it was a convenient package of fabrics to use when I was at the cottage this summer.  It went together easily and quickly.

When I got back home in the fall, I quilted it with a digital quilting design by Anne Bright with ABCs and teddy bears.  Really cute and it coordinates with the ABC border.

2017-7 Baby Blocks

I assembled this top during the summer of 2016 at the cottage and then began hand quilting it during a vacation in Cuba.  It gave me a wonderful opportunity to chat with curious people.  I was able to explain the concept of quilting to a young boy from England who stopped to inquire, “What are you knitting?” I finished the quilting during the winter, picking it up at random.

My hand quilting group all weighed in on how I ought to quilt it.  I sure appreciate the experience of those wonderful hand quilters.  My preferred method of quilting is by machine, so as a relatively new hand quilter, I certainly appreciate their advice.

I entered it in some fall fairs in the hand quilted baby quilt category and won a few prizes.  Maybe I am improving on my hand quilting!

2017-3 Teddy Bear Panel

2017-3 Teddy Panel

This partially quilted panel was in my stash of unfinished projects.  Once I set my mind to the task, it did not take too long to finish up the hand quilting and add the red binding.  Hand quilting can seem tedious, but once you get started, it can be very relaxing.  One more project completed!

2016-26 Bob the Builder Quilt


This little panel quilt was machine quilted with Dave Hudson’s “Tools” edge to edge design.  I used a royal blue thread that blended well with the front of the panel and contrasted well with the light blue solid backing I used.  The quilt was donated to my little fall fair in cottage country for the hand made items silent auction table where it raised money for the operation of the fair.  It is not often I get to meet the person who is the recipient of a donation quilt, but the grandfather who bought this quilt gave it immediately to his son and grandson who were standing close by at the end of the auction.  I asked permission to take their photo for my blog.  I’m happy it goes to a good home.






2015-36: Pink Duckies

Pink Duckies

I ran into a phenomenal deal on the fabric for this quilt, so I bought the remainder of the bolt.  Number twelve is the last of the lot.  I am glad they are all done!  It feels like I have worked on this quilt forever!  The good news is that I have many baby quilts finished and ready to give away whenever the need arises.

They were quilted with a digital design called Bubblelicious by Lisa Calle that goes well with the printed panel design.  They were hand bound with a coordinating fabric.