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2017-25 Baby Blocks ABC Quilt

This set of blocks were left over from project 2017-7.  I assembled them into a top during the summer of 2017 and then quilted and bound it in October.  This second top using the same blocks went much faster because it was machine quilted rather than hand quilted.  The quilting design by Anne Bright has teddy bears and ABCs.  Very fitting for this top!


2017-21 Aquachoc

This quilt stated with a line of fabrics in a kit.  It came with a pattern, but I had a different idea, so made my own design, floating the blocks on point,and added two borders.  The result is a simple, but pleasing quilt.  It was quilted with a digital design call Damask by Anne Bright in a tan poly thread.

This quilt won Grand Champion, Machine Quilting at the 2017 Fergus Fall Fair in September and then won first prize at the District 7 competition.  This means it will proceed to provincial competition in February 2018.

2017-20 Summer Sampler

This 48″ square afghan sized quilt was made from five different blocks with three borders added.   It was quilted with a petunia digital design  by Debra Giessler.

I used the John Flynn diagonal backing calculator to make a wider backing.  I love how it looks.  So easy to quilt.

2017-19 Baby Rail Bits

When I finished the Baby Rail Fence (2017-18), I had a little pile of leftover scraps.  Being at the cottage, I did not have access to my stash or any extra projects, so I started playing with the leftover scraps and came up with this layout for the small bits and the rail fence blocks.  I was pleased to be able to use up the leftovers and result in a cute little baby quilt.  It is machine quilted with a cute design by Ann Bright featuring bunnies and ABCs.  The design goes very well with the green alphabet sashing.

2017-18 Baby Rail Fence

This baby quilt was made from a purchased kit with pre-cut strips.  it was a convenient package of fabrics to use when I was at the cottage this summer.  It went together easily and quickly.

When I got back home in the fall, I quilted it with a digital quilting design by Anne Bright with ABCs and teddy bears.  Really cute and it coordinates with the ABC border.

2017-17 Flower Pot Pillow

This pillow is made from a panel enlarged with log cabin strips.  Both the front and back are machine quilted with a flower pattern.  A zipper was added and a lovely soft down pillow added.  The result – a great comfy pillow!

2012-16 Pine Tree Runner

This table runner was made of some leftover blocks.  I tried to unite these odd sized blocks by creating a grey snowdrift.  I decided to orient the trees so that people on both sides of our harvest table see the trees oriented upright.  It is machine quilted with a pine tree pattern.