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Modern Guild Fish Quilt

fish-quiltThis quilt is the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild’s entry into Quiltcon in Savannah 2017.

The Modern Quilt Guild designates a set of fabric for the challenge and a theme.  In this case, the theme is scale.   At a particularly enjoyable meeting, our guild decided to take the scale theme a bit deeper and the idea of fish scales popped to the surface.  We loved the humour in the idea.  Each member of the guild then took some of the challenge fabric to make a fish.  We strove for scale – big, medium and small fish.  We had enough fish that we made two quilts.

We had a design evening when the group collectively decided on the layout of the fish.  Then member Lois assembled this top.  Once the top was complete, I quilted it in a fish scale pattern, which most traditionalists might see as clam shell.    The backing is a lime green bubble fabric that echoes the fish colours of the front.  A happy fabric.  I made a scrappy binding which guild member Liz will apply and hand stitch to the backing.  It will be fun to see this hanging at Quiltcon.  Savannah, Feb 2017!  Here we come!

After the competition, the finished quilt will be donated to Victoria’s Quilts, an outreach charitable group which gives quilts to cancer patients.


2016-25 Little Frog Table Runner


This happy little table runner was made from some border fabric using a triangle pattern.  It was quilted with a yellow thread and bound with a coordinating purple fabric.  It was a quick and easy project and will be donated to the hand made items fundraising table of the little country fair near our cottage.  The big attraction at the fair is a Frog Jump, so it seems fitting!







2016-3 Applique Roses


This is the second rescue quilt I was gifted.  It also needed some repair, although much less than the Blue Sampler (2016-2).  The applique stitches were far apart so I did quite a bit of restitching before quilting.  The hand quilting stitches were long toe catchers, so I opted to quilt it over with a fairly dense but complimentary machine stitching design.  The new binding is applied to the back and then top-stitched by machine.   It will never be competition quality, but it will make a great donation quilt.  Someone will love it, I am sure!




2016-2 Blue Sampler


This quilt could tell a story! When a local woman was cleaning out her house to move, she offered me a box of fabric.  Of course I cannot refuse fabric!  When I went to pick it up, I explained that I would use the fabric for quilting,  Once she heard I was a quilter, she insisted on giving me two of her mother’s quilts.  They had been well used and she did not want to throw them out, but absolutely could not take them with her on the long move across the country.


The quilt needed repair, so I started with each block, hand stitching broken seams and reattaching some of the applique designs. You can notice the degree of fading exposed by the loose appliques.


One block, I completely replaced.  I found a complementary fabric in my stash and made a new block.  Can you tell which block is new? After the top was repaired, I then mounted it on the longarm and quilted it densely.  The blocks are a feather design called Golden Topaz by Donna Klienke of One Song Needle Arts.  The sashing is a formal feather design I created and the border is a feathered rose pattern.   The machine stitching will hold it together and give the quilt a new and longer life.  This quilt will be a donation quilt, most likely to one of the Syrian refugee families we are expecting to arrive in our community soon.






2014-2: Africa Quilt Block

??????????Well known and very accomplished quilter, Renske Helmuth, a member of my quilt guild, the Waterloo County Quilters Guild, is coordinating a quilt comprised of blocks from all the areas of Africa to be used as the 2015 featured quilt for the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale.   When Renske proposed the quilt, many members of our guild eagerly jumped at the chance to contribute to her project.

Renske held several group design workshops at her house in the fall of 2014 and we all left with supplies for a block of a specific size to create and return at the January 2015 guild meeting.  This 12″ by 16″ block is one that features fabrics and images from northern Africa.  The batik center panel is one I purchased during my travels over the years.  I was particularly happy to make a block from Northern Africa, since those are the only countries in Africa which I have visited.  The block is combined with Warm and Natural batting and an subtle African print backing.  The quilting has a geometric pattern in the sashing and a giraffe fill in the main block.  The assembly will be done in the Quilt as You Go style.    This block was made oversize so that Renske can cut it down to the exact measurements she requires.

After the blocks were returned to her, Renske assembled two quilts, selecting blocks that are complementary to each other.  We have not yet seen the final result, but I understand the quilt will be unveiled in May 2014.  The auction will be in May 2015.  I can hardly wait to see the finished result.

2013-26: Pink Duckies

Pink Duckies

This baby quilt panel was in my cupboard for several years.  I had intended to do outline quilting, but decided that an allover quilting pattern would be more likely to get done.


I quilted it with Lisa Calle’s Bubblelicious edge to edge design.  I used a new thread, a shiny trilobal polyester that worked out well, once I found the right tension balance.  For the binding, I used Sharon Schamber’s method of gluing the binding before sewing.  The binding went on fairly well, but I think I will try this method on a few more small quilts to improve my skill before I use it on something important.  Practice makes perfect, or at least a lot better!

This finished quilt will be a donation to a school fundraising auction.

I have another five of these panels which I have quilted over the past couple of days.  I will continue to add binding to these quilts as time allows.  Pretty soon I will have a little stack of baby quilts ready for gifts to little baby girls.

2013-12: Yellow Fan Quilt

??????????This quilt is made with a top I bought on eBay.  The sides are all bias edged triangles.  The top sat in my cupboard for a few years till a few months ago, when I pulled it out and quilted it with a pantograph.  With the four bias sides, it was a challenge to keep it square and flat, but with some fussing and fiddling, I managed to do it!  The finished quilt turned out much better than I expected.

Friend and guild member Nancy  added the binding and it has now been donated to the organization Women in Crisis.  Hopefully it will bring comfort to someone who has fled her home with nothing.