About Peggy

Peggy is a retired business coach who  is currently coaching herself to complete projects  and reduce her mountain of unfinished objects.

Peggy lives in the heart of Ontario’s Quilting Country, in Elora, Ontario Canada, a small village 1.5 hours northwest of Toronto.  She feels blessed to be a member of two wonderful quilt guilds – the Grand River Mod Squad in Kitchener, Ontario and the Waterloo County Quilters Guild in Waterloo, Ontario.  The surrounding area is generously sprinkled with great quilting stores where she loves to shop!

Peggy’s husband is quietly supportive of her quilting – perhaps because it allows him unlimited time to snowmobile in winter and boat and fish in summer.  Her two university aged children are recipients of sufficient quilts to believe there will always be an unending supply and have progressed to making very specific suggestions for the next great quilt.

5 responses to “About Peggy

  1. clomp clomp clomp. my size 10’s walked all over your blog! No use trying to tip toe at that size! the posey quilts–my first attempt at applique was that block. I just looked at the pattern in an old quilt magazine last week! your mother’s are lovely. And she DOES look young!

  2. Lori, You are welcome to clomp here any day! Thanks for the compliment on my mom. If I look half as youthful when i crowd age 95, I’ll be thrilled.

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog and hope to visit it often. I’m impressed by your courage at purchasing flimsies online, sight unseen.

  4. Gorgeous quilts Peggy! (from Cathy Mendes’ friend Lisa)

  5. Please email more info about “Dawn and fabric that runs”? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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