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2020-5 Whale Sleep Pants

Pajama Pants

Often there is a category for sleep pants at the fall fair.  So, planning ahead, I made these size four flannel sleep pants for my grandson.  He is only one year old, but will grow to fit these pants someday! In the meantime, I can use them as an entry in the fall fair competitions.

I remember buying this flannel at the Joanne’s Store in Olean, New York when we were on a ski trip nearby at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, New York well over a decade ago.  About time to use this thick heavy flannel!  I think the print is one that any young boy would love.

The seams are all nicely finished by serger.  The waistband has both elastic and a tie.  I added both the tie and elastic at the same time, attaching them with a safety pin and threading them through together.  It worked much better doing it together rather than separately.

Because my eyes are a bit challenged right now, I have been spending my time sorting fabrics and tidying my sewing room.  I am finding wonderful pieces of fabric I had forgotten all about.  Touching and folding fabrics is a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing.  My sew-jo is set on high!



2020-4 Hot Water Bottle Cover

Hot Water Bottle Cover


This cozy hot water bottle cover was made for two reasons – to help keep my toes warm during these cold January winter nights and secondly to have another entry for fall fair competition.  Usually there is a class for a bazaar article and this would fit well in that category.

I made it with pre-quilted fabric, a scrap I bought at a thrift store.  It took me a bit of effort to figure out the best way to make it because I chose to have only one side seam.  As a result, the flip down portion of the fabric envelope was a bit more tricky than the other side.   As it turns out, I will not enter this in a fair, because I feel the inside is not finished as neatly as well I would like.  One thing I have learned over the years is that the inside matters almost as much as the outside.  Neatness counts!

So I plan to make another one for the fair.  The next one will have seams down both sides, which will make the construction much simpler.  I will round both the bottom and top corners of the cover.  I will custom quilt some fabric for the cover to make it a little bit nicer.  I’m tempted to piece the fabric for the cover, but I think it would be better to have a smooth one piece surface in case the texture is bothersome to my feet.  I tested the cover last night. One hundred percent of my toes were very happy.  When my toes are warm, I fall asleep much faster!




2020-3 Christmas Boxer Shorts

Boxer Shorts


These boxer shorts were made from a Sporty Santa themed VIP printed panel that was gifted to me many years ago.  It remained in my stash for many years.  There is often a category for boxer shorts at the fall fair, so I have wanted for a while to make this garment.  I doubt that any of the men at my house would want these shorts, but perhaps one of women would!

I recently had eye surgery and my vision is not yet back to normal, so I am going to be sewing more and quilting less in the interim.  Sewing is a bit more forgiving when one cannot see well.



2020-2 Candy Apron

Candy themed Apron


This apron is made from a short piece of candy themed fabric I bought at 40% off day at Value Village.  I ended up paying a grand total of $1.80 for the fabric.  I did not realize until after I got it home that the design created with pieces of candy.  Fun and intriguing.  Makes me take a second and third look!

Once I trimmed up the fabric to the length needed for the skirt, I had a very small remnant left over.  I used the two end pieces to trim the ties, a larger piece to piece and applique onto a bib pocket and then a small slice of a medallion which I appliqued onto the waistband.  For the rest of the apron, I selected a black cotton with pairs well with the background.  I also faced the sides of the apron skirt with the same black so I would not lose any of the design.

This project was fun because it required a lot of thinking to use the fabric in the best possible way to decorate the apron.  Thanks to  my friends Nancy and Barb for their creative thinking and enthusiasm for the project.


2020-1 Palm Tree Mug Rug


After a year and a half of very challenging and time consuming family responsibilities, I am determined to reclaim my life and get back to quilting regularly.

So to start off the year with progress, I finished this small mug rug today.  The project began as a trial block using interleave technique.  I loved the technique and went on to make several interleave quilts.  This sample remained in my orphan block pile.  I felt the pieces resembled a forest with upright stems, so I free-form cut some palm branches and appliqued them on to create a tropical forest.   Then binding was applied and hand stitched to finish up my first project of the year!

While I was not posting, I did complete a few projects during stolen moments, but I actually started more projects that are nowhere close to finished.  So this year, I am going to concentrate on turning my UFOs into completed projects,  My goal is 52 projects = one per week on average.  Many are quickies, but others will take a significant investment of time.  However, I will keep at it to make good progress on my goal.  Posting and your comments will keep me encouraged!