2018-7 Batik Tied Quilt

Batik Tied Quilt










This lap-sized diagonal batik quilt was made specifically to enter into a class for tied quilts at the fall fair.  I like the bold graphic lines of the quilt.  I tied the quilt in the center of each square with matching embroidery floss.  So yellow floss on the yellow squares, blue on the blue, etc, so that it is not immediately apparent it is a tied quilt.  My quilting friend Judy told me the top was too nice to tie, but I explained I have a longer term plan.

This large lap sized quilt is backed with fleece, so it would make a cozy little TV watching quilt.  However, I actually do not like tied quilts, so I am on to part two of my plan.  Because the quilt has now finished the fair season, I intend to cut all of the ties and remove the binding.  I will add more blocks and a border to the quilt top to make it queen size.  I have lots more fabric, so I have design flexibility.   Then I will quilt it on the longarm.  I know the result will be a quilt that pleases me more than a tied quilt.



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