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2018-5 Sarah’s Christmas Stocking

Pieced Christmas Stocking


This Christmas stocking sat in my UFO pile for a few years before I finally pushed myself to complete it.  The stumbling block was how to finish the top edge.  I kept imagining a cuff on the stocking.  I hired a friend to embroider a cuff for the top, but once completed, realized I would have to quilt the cuff to achieve the same density of the quilted stocking.  I thought that quilting the cuff would detract from the embroidery, so waffled over that idea for a couple of years.   Because I needed another entry for a fall fair, I decided to quickly finish it up.  I was pressed for time so I elected to simply add a coordinating binding to the top, reasoning I could add a cuff later.

To my surprise. the stocking won first prize ribbons at several fall fairs, so I decided it really did not need a cuff.  So it stays as finished and my daughter Sarah is happy with her Christmas stocking.

This stocking was made with little strips from my scrap bin. i store my scraps by colour, so it makes it easy to pull a bunch of coordinating fabrics.   Once the fabric had been strip pieced into  a shape that would accommodate a stocking, I densely quilted the fabric with a Christmas tree bulb design in a gold thread.  After a couple of years of marinating in my UFO pile, I cut out the stocking to the desired shape and assembled it.  I added a simple binding around the top and now consider it done.

The lesson learned here is to avoid overthinking a project, that simple sometimes is better.  Entering a fall fair can be a great incentive to get things done!

Now I plan to make a coordinating green stocking for her husband.  They have been married for two years now, so it has become a much higher priority!