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2017-29: Xmas Border Place Mats

This third set of place mats was also cut from the same border print fabric, but because it was cut from a different section of the fabric, it looks different from the first two sets.  There are three mats of this design, even though only one is shown in the photo.  These place mats sat in my UFO area for quite a while, so I am very glad to have them finished and off my conscience!

2017-27: Xmas Border Place Mats

This second set of Xmas place mats were cut from the same piece of border fabric but because they were cut from a different section of that fabric, they look quite different fro the first set.  These place mats were good practice for mitering corners.  If you do it often enough, you can get quite good at it!

They were quilted in a snowflake design with a gold shiny polyester thread which has the look of metallic thread, but is much easier to run on the longarm.  I’m happy with the result and I am sure they will come in handy sometime.

2017-26 Border Placemats

These place mats started from a nice border print, which I carefully cut into strips and then mitred around a centre rectangle.  This set also has an inner red border.  After making this set, I decided the inner border made them too large, so I eliminated that border when making the next set of place mats.   These will make a nice hostess gift to have on hand.