2016-29 Autumn Tumbler


This queen size quilt began when I decided to use up scraps left over from the Winding Ways quilt (2016-17).  I dislike having leftovers as they clog my creativity, so I try to use them up right away.  Using my Accuquilt die, I cut as many tumblers as I could out of the scrap pieces.  Then I went through my scrap bin and found more autumn colored fabrics and cut more tumblers.  I don;t think I used any yardage at all, just scraps.  It is amazing how many scraps one collects over the years!

I strove for a balance of light and dark so I could create contrast between the tumbler shaped pieces.  The pieces were assembled in units of two, then four, then eight and then then into the rows for the quilt.  Fortunately, I have a large table where I can layout the rows to check color balance and separation.  Once he center was done, I added a gold colored inner border and an red and gold print outer border.  It was quilted with a leafy design that adds texture and an autumn theme.

This quilt won Grand Champion, Machine Quilting at the 2016 Drayton Fair and Grand Champion, Machine Quilting at the 2016 Arthur Fall Fair.  It went on to OAAS District 7 competition where it won first place.  It will now go on to the Ontario provincial level competition in February 2017.

This quilt has been selected by my nephew Charley and his lovely wife Alice as their wedding quilt.  They are patiently waiting until after the provincial competition before they can take it to their new home.









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