2016-24 Winding Ways Topper


This table topper (40″ by 40″) was created with the blocks leftover from my friend’s Pat’s Winding Ways Quilt (2016-17).  Some of these blocks were my tester blocks when I was figuring out how to get the best results. a few of these do not meet well in the middle, so they were not good enough for Patty’s quilt.  (Look closely in the bottom row and you will see what I mean.) Some of the blocks are just leftover because of color placement and balance in the quilt.  So at the end of her quilt project, I had 16 leftover blocks.

I do not like having left-overs in my studio, so I try to make them up into another project or just give them away.  Sixteen blocks is  just enough to make a table topper that can double as a small table cloth.  It went together quickly.  Since I  had scraps of Pat’s borders still sitting on my cutting table,  I put the same borders on this one too.  It was very simple to make because most of the work was already done.

The digital quilting design is “Wild Mouse” by Ann Bright.  It is an edge to edge design that gives great movement to the topper but can be executed quickly on the longarm.  The matching binding was attached to the front and hand stitched to the back.

This is a nice outcome for blocks that did not make the cut to go into the large quilt.   It will have a very useful life!








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