2016-18 Elizabeth’s Star


This miniature quilt started from a kit that someone gifted to me.  This ten inch quilt was fiddly to make.  Working with such small pieces made it very difficult to keep the pieces accurate and end up with even star points.  At first glance this star looks great, but I know how uneven the points actually are!  If I were to do this over, I would foundation piece the star sections so they are perfectly accurate.  A foundation would help stabilize the sections and prevent distortion.  With every quilt I  make, I learn something!

After piecing the top and I decided to hand quilt it.  I got tips from Elizabeth Schneider, a well known local miniaturist.  She is a lovely lady and very encouraging.  Elizabeth taught me how to tack the points by hand and then quilt the setting squares, triangle and borders.
One great tip from Elizabeth was to take a regular batting and to peel it back through the centre to create a very thin batting that is perfect for miniature quilts.    It worked wonderfully!  Elizabeth is so inspiring, I will definitely make another miniature.  I had to name this quilt after her.

I entered this miniature quilt in several fall fairs and won first prize each time it was entered.  That is encouraging and I will make another.  Surprisingly, my hand stitching group has asked me to teach a class in making this same quilt.





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