2016-2 Blue Sampler


This quilt could tell a story! When a local woman was cleaning out her house to move, she offered me a box of fabric.  Of course I cannot refuse fabric!  When I went to pick it up, I explained that I would use the fabric for quilting,  Once she heard I was a quilter, she insisted on giving me two of her mother’s quilts.  They had been well used and she did not want to throw them out, but absolutely could not take them with her on the long move across the country.


The quilt needed repair, so I started with each block, hand stitching broken seams and reattaching some of the applique designs. You can notice the degree of fading exposed by the loose appliques.


One block, I completely replaced.  I found a complementary fabric in my stash and made a new block.  Can you tell which block is new? After the top was repaired, I then mounted it on the longarm and quilted it densely.  The blocks are a feather design called Golden Topaz by Donna Klienke of One Song Needle Arts.  The sashing is a formal feather design I created and the border is a feathered rose pattern.   The machine stitching will hold it together and give the quilt a new and longer life.  This quilt will be a donation quilt, most likely to one of the Syrian refugee families we are expecting to arrive in our community soon.






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