2015-33: Joy and Sorrow

Black Mosaic

This queen sized quilt began when I was looking for a mindless sewing project while a good friend was dying.  I found it difficult to concentrate on anything more complex and needed to keep my hands busy.  I made these stitch and flip blocks on a fabric foundation and then squared them to 14 inches.  They sat in my UFO cupboard for several years until I decided that they had to be finished into a quilt.

To control the chaos of the blocks and give the eye a place to rest, I sashed and bordered them wit solid black and inserted a red stop border to contain the rambunctious color.    It was quilted with red thread using a digital design called Amish Feather by Ann Bright.  The quilting adds a delightful element that pulls it all together.  The binding is the same red of the stop border.  The wide backing is a muted red and black paisley design.

My friend Amy suggested the name “Joy and Sorrow”.  We feel sorrow at the loss of our friend, but joyful when we look at the creation that came from our period of grief.  While it is not a typical memory quilt, for me it is a strong memorial to our friend.

This quilt won Grand Champion, Machine Quilting at the 2015 Wellesley Fall Fair.



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