2015-27 Magenta Star Table Topper

Magenta Star

This little Table Topper was made from a leftover block from a guild raffle quilt that I helped assemble and quilt.   The block, called Canada Star, was foundation pieced from a pattern by Carol Doak from her Mariners Compass Star book.  I selected a coordinating inner and outer border to enlarge the 12 inch block and then used it to test the quilting pattern I had planned for the quilt.   The machine quilting pattern was designed by Kim Diamond of Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio specifically for this quilt.  She calls it Peggy’s Star.  Even though I love the texture of this design, I eventually decided to use a different quilting design for the raffle quilt.  It had a wool batting and I decided not to compress the entire quilt with dense quilting.

Here is a photo of the quilting detail:

Magenta Star Detail

Once quilted, I blocked it and then added the coordinating binding.  Yesterday, I completed the hand stitching of the binding at my hand sewing group’s afternoon meeting.




2 responses to “2015-27 Magenta Star Table Topper

  1. Good to see your blog back in my in box Peggy. I’ve been missing your finished pieces and commentary!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Amy! It is a reality that when one creates a habit – either positive or negative, it takes significant effort to make a change. It is much easier to keep a habit going rather than to have to rebuild the habit. But this is the start of my rebuilding!

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