2015-26 Snowbear Vest

Xmas Vest

Sometimes I make things just to enter in the fall fair.  This was one of those times!  The fair list called for a vest.  This printed vest panel and coordinating lining was given to me by an Old Order Mennonite friend who had received it from someone else.  My friend clearly has no use for this type of clothing.  Actually, neither do I, but when the fair list called for a vest, it occurred to me that this might fit the bill!

I quilted the top panel fabric to a flannelette backing with no additional batting.  The quilting design is a dense snowflake pattern, which adds to the winter feel of the garment.  After quilting the panel, I packed it into my project bag to take to the cottage for summer stitching.  There, I trimmed it, lined it, turned it inside out, top-stitched the edges and then added the buttons and buttonholes,  Voila!  A completed vest!

The vest did well at the fall fairs this year, winning several first place ribbons, along with a $25. gift certificate to one of my favourite sewing stores!
I have no idea who will receive this vest.  I doubt I could ever convince my husband he should wear this at our Christmas Eve family party!  But that does not matter, I made it for the fair!  Hmmm.  That gives me an idea!  Maybe I should donate it to the Hand-Made Table, the silent auction table at our tiny one-day fair in Northern Ontario where the proceeds go to support the operation of the fair.


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