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2015-20 Log Cabin Twin

Log Cabin

This quilt is made of leftover blocks.  Yes, Really! Ninety Six leftover blocks!   When I made my Autumn Log Cabin (2013-20), I did not want to count the many tiny strips that went into these blocks.  I counted the first pile and then just cut strips till the piles of fabric seemed even in height.  Then I chain stitched the tiny logs into blocks.  I was aware I had cut logs to ensure I did not fall short.  The problem with not counting is that I cut a LOT extra and did not realize how many extra blocks I had made until I assembled the Autumn Log Cabin.  I ended up with 96 extra blocks!  That is a lot of cutting and sewing!  But the silver lining is that I had enough leftover for a twin sized quilt.  So making this quilt was quite painless, given the blocks were already constructed and just waiting to be assembled.

This quilt differs from the first because of the quilting thread.  I selected a gold toned thread for the blocks and an orange thread for the borders, both of which warmed up the overall look of the quilt.  I was quite happy with the resulting quilt.