2014-1: Stripped Tumbler

Stripped Tumbler QuiltThis scrappy quilt is an old fashioned, classic quilt pattern.  It is a true scrap quilt with the blocks pieced of leftover strips and strings.  To make the blocks, I constructed the fabric by sewing together any string or strip in an autumn colourway, selected at random to make a piece large enough to die cut the tumbler shaped units.  The fabrics are scraps left over from 16 years of quilting.  The neutral coloured alternate blocks give the eye a place to rest and showcase the large variety of prints.  The narrow gold inner border and wider brown outer border tie together the predominant colours of the top.

Here is a close-up photo of the block piecing:

Block Detail

The quilting is done with a gold Superior Bottom Line thread on both the top and in the bobbin.  The quilting pattern is Woodland Pines by Anne Bright, a design that includes pine cones, oak leaves, acorns and pine boughs.  This will make a great quilt for one of the rustic twin beds at the cottage.

Quilting Detail


Someone will enjoy snuggling under this quilt on a cool summer night.

2 responses to “2014-1: Stripped Tumbler

  1. What a treasure of memories you have. I am working on a string quilt and a 2-1/2″ square quilt from my scraps and I love picking a fabric from my bucket and being able to remember the quilt it came from.

  2. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Excellent use of string piecing and the tumbler die! I would like to try the apple core die with this technique as well! ~ Laurie in Brampton

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