2013-30: Xmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

On December 24th, inspired by my friend Amy, who made a Christmas stocking for her son’s girlfriend (who is also my niece), I decided to make a new Christmas stocking for my son.

Several years ago, I made matching cotton velveteen stockings for my son and daughter.  He did not like the stockings and although he is normally quite accepting of whatever I make, he gently complained about the new stocking.  A few days before Christmas, my daughter announced she would be bringing her  boyfriend for Christmas, so I needed an extra stocking.  Hence the impetus to make a new stocking.  She and her boyfriend got the matching velveteen stockings and my son got the new quilted stocking.  He was thrilled.

It was fairly simple to make.  I simply joined leftover blocks and patches to the approximate size and then cut out a stocking, using the velveteen one as a pattern.  I added poly batting, a bit of leftover sheeting for the backing and quilted it with freehand doodling using a thin gold Bottom Line thread.  The fuzzy cuff on the stocking is a piece of white sweatshirt fleece with the fuzzy side out.  Start to finish, it took about an hour.

Everyone admired the stocking and my daughter has put in a request for two stockings for next year.  She would like a maroon one for herself and a green one for her boyfriend.  I found myself looking over potential fabrics for these stockings, so I’m sure I will be inspired to make them!

2 responses to “2013-30: Xmas Stocking

  1. I made stocking for our future daughter-in-law 2 years ago, despite the fact her parents live less than a mile from us and have one for her, too. And I’ve found a couple pieces of shirt-quality plaid cottons (OK, actually I cut apart a couple of very nice plaid shirts…) and can make new stockings someday, if Son and FFDIL add members to the family.

  2. Very clever to do that . I made quilted stocking for all my daughter’s 6 children, My youngest (13 YO) of my 4 daughters wanted something a little more racey. I found a furry-type of leopard fabric, lined it with a soft lining with batting. Added a dark sable for the cuff. She loved it and still uses it today @ 22yrs.old.

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