2013-29: Puddle Duck

Puddle Duck Quilt MountedWhen I had a bit of a lull before Christmas, I decided to mount some baby quilt panels and have some baby quilts made ahead so that when babies are born, there are a few ready to pull for quick gifts.

These three panels were mounted, but before I began to quilt, I realized the backing was directional and upside down, so I remounted the tops upside down too!

Puddle Duck Mounted Upside DownThe black bars are 18″ magnetic bars that keep the tops taught as I quilt them.

All three tops were quilted at once with a pantograph called Raindrops by Lisa Calle.  One of the quilts has been bound and gifted to a school auction.  The second one has made a trip to Florida and I have misplaced the third one.  I blame it on the Crhistmas bustle and I am sure it will show up as soon as I have put away the Christmas stuff.  So until I find it, I have to make do with these photos, since I cannot take a close up of the quilting!

The binding is red and suits the top quite well.  They will make great gifts for little boys.

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