2013-26: Pink Duckies

Pink Duckies

This baby quilt panel was in my cupboard for several years.  I had intended to do outline quilting, but decided that an allover quilting pattern would be more likely to get done.


I quilted it with Lisa Calle’s Bubblelicious edge to edge design.  I used a new thread, a shiny trilobal polyester that worked out well, once I found the right tension balance.  For the binding, I used Sharon Schamber’s method of gluing the binding before sewing.  The binding went on fairly well, but I think I will try this method on a few more small quilts to improve my skill before I use it on something important.  Practice makes perfect, or at least a lot better!

This finished quilt will be a donation to a school fundraising auction.

I have another five of these panels which I have quilted over the past couple of days.  I will continue to add binding to these quilts as time allows.  Pretty soon I will have a little stack of baby quilts ready for gifts to little baby girls.

3 responses to “2013-26: Pink Duckies

  1. Now all we need is the baby girls for the quilts!!! amy

  2. Robyn lafleur

    Hi do you have any more of these blankets for sale ?? I need this with a satin white trim my daughter has this blanket she takes with her everywhere but it is pretty stained and torn lol please email me if possible. Thanks!!!

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