2013-24: Quilted Tote

??????????This quilted tote is the perfect size for carrying three quilts!   It is big!

For this tote, I used a heavy poplin fabric for both top and backing and a stiff batting for the filler.  The thread is quite heavy – a 1o weight thread in white that gives a very strong colour contrast and a thick relief effect on the quilted tote.

The quilting designs are “Forget Me Not” by Donna Klienke of One Song Needle Arts.  I love her patterns because they tend to be consistently dense, giving an allover texture to the fabric surface.

I like this bag so much that I intend to make a few more in smaller sizes.  It was displayed at the Waterloo County Quilt show last week and several people told me they had quilt bag envy!  The president of the guild asked me to teach a class on it.  I just might do that!

One response to “2013-24: Quilted Tote

  1. And, I would come to the class. That is a great tote!

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