2013-22: Triple Irish Chain Quilt

Triple Irish Chain

This scrappy Triple Irish Chain was a quilt rescue project.  Someone gave me a package of partially completed blocks and many 2.5″ strips.  I added strips and more plain fabric to finish up the quilt top.  Then to pick up the predominantly red/blue/purple scraps, I selected a narrow inner red border, a wider red-violet border and finally bound it in red.  The backing is a purple leaf pattern.  It makes quite a dramatic quilt!

The edge to edge quilting pattern is Seaweed by Anne Bright.  I used a red-violet trilobal polyester thread called Magnifico by Superior Threads.  The thread has a lovely sheen to it.   Because the whites of the background are not all identical (quilt rescue substitution!),  I felt that an all over pattern in a strong colour thread would help to blend the whites.

At first, I worried that the different whites would be too distractting and briefly considered giving the whole top a colour bath in dye, but Maureen, my quilting inspiration, tells me the different whites simply add to the charm of the quilt.    I’ve decided to believe her!

TIC Detail


4 responses to “2013-22: Triple Irish Chain Quilt

  1. Triple Irish Chain is on my “someday” list. Your version is lovely, and finished!

    • Thanks, Deanna. I have decided to make one of my own from scratch. I’m not sure yet what color, but it might be one of my competition quilts for this year. Still pondering.

  2. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    I have an Irish Chain top waiting to be quilted. I was hesitating because I thought I’d have to do a custom design in the white squares. Your lovely quilting gives me the incentive to go ahead and do an edge-to-edge motif instead and “get ‘er done”!

    • Hi Laurie:
      The allover quilting works well with most quilts and hides a multitude of less than perfect seams. This one was started by someone who did not have a consistent 1/4″ seam, so some of the joins are a bit off. I chose not to pull apart and resew what was already completed. I just finished what was started. So before assembly, I had to square up a few blocks. However, in the grand scheme of things, it does not really show. From a distance, everything is beautiful!

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