2013-20: Autumn Log Cabin

Autumn Log CabinThis autumn toned log cabin quilt is my fall fair quilt for this year. One of my goals this year to make a quilt worthy of winning a first prize at the local fall fairs with a possibility of getting to the provincial level of competition.

How the main quilt competition operates in Ontario, Canada is thus:  A quilter enters a local fair.  When the quilter wins Grand Champion, Machine Quilting or Grand Champion, Hand Quilting (one of each at every fair), then that quilt goes on to the district competition later in the fall.  The quilt then competes against about 20 quilts at the district competition.  The winner of the district competition goes on to the Provincial level of competition in February where the winners of all 15 districts in Ontario compete for the provincial championship.  To win the provincial championship is a great honour!    I figure if I continue to improve my quilting skills, someday I might win at the provincial level!  It’s good to have a goal!

This Autumn Log Cabin quilt contains approximately 4720 pieces.  It took much longer to make than I anticipated.   For every stage, it took longer than I thought: cutting the fabrics, block construction, top assembly, borders, quilting and binding.   I wanted to give up several times, but I forced myself to stick with it.  And now it is done!!!  Hooray!

Here is a photo of the quilting, a design called Majestic Pines by Donna Kleinke of One Song Needle Arts.  All of the fabric in the blocks is from my stash.  When you cut the fabric up for 1/2 inch logs, you can use up a lot of small pieces of stash!

This quilt won Grand Champion, Machine Quilting at the Rosseau Fall Fair and at the Arthur Fall Fair.    My niece Hillary and her husband Gonzalo chose this quilt as their wedding quilt.


6 responses to “2013-20: Autumn Log Cabin

  1. That. Is. Beautiful. A masterpiece for sure. I hope the judges can see it clearly. Your colors are lovely!

    • Thanks, Deanna! The judges will look it over quite carefully. Some of them use magnifying glasses. I hope it can stand up to that kind of scrutiny! No matter what, I am pleased with the result. This quilt taught me a great deal about sewing accurate seams. Because the logs are so tiny, a small variation shows quite clearly. I kept my seam ripper handy to ensure a good final result! I’m sure that you understand. LOL!

  2. Marianne Ferenczy

    Wow!…that is beautiful!

    • Thanks, Marianne! I will likely bring this quilt to the SOLO (Southern Ontario Longarm Operators) meeting in November for Show and Tell. You will get to see it up close and in person. But don’t bring a magnifying glass! LOL!

  3. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Good luck at the fall fair, Peggy!

    • Thanks, Laurie! Entering the fair fair is great motivation to finish a project and to do it well! Because I love going to see the other quilts, I figure I need to enter too!

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