Work in Progress: Log Cabin

Log Cabin Blocks

Finally!!!  I have finished Log 21 of a group of 320  log cabin blocks that are destined to be my fall fair entry this year.  The blocks finish at 5.5 inches, with each log being a half inch wide.   When I started this project, it seemed like a great idea, but along about log 13, I was seriously questioning the wisdom of selecting this quilt pattern with such small logs.  Each log took an average of 8.5 hours to sew and press.  Multiply that by 21 logs and that is a lot of time spent on these blocks!

I typically post about a quilt only when it is finished – done done with the binding on.  However, I am so proud of myself for sticking to this project, that I have to celebrate their completion.  Many other gorgeous quilts have sung their siren songs, tempting me to abandon this one and dive into a new one.  But no, I resisted, held fast and conquered Block 21!  Hooray!

Tomorrow, I will play with layouts on my design wall.  I already have two good options, but want to be sure before I start the assembly of the top.  My choice of layout will likely be affected by how I decide to quilt this one.  Since this will be a competition quilt, I have to quilt it with dense custom quilting.  I will choose a layout that supports a design that I can do well within a maximum of two days quilting time.

There will not be a lot of dithering time since I have entered this quilt in my guild’s September quilt show.   The September date lulled me into thinking I had lots of time to get this finished.  But no, I don’t!  The quilt has to be ready for photography on Thursday of this coming week.  That gives me four days:  One to assemble the top, two to quilt it and one to hand stitch the binding.   Yikes!  I will be very busy this week finishing this finished.  No rest for the wicked, they say.  I have always wanted to be a wicked woman.  I must be on track to achieve that goal!  LOL!


2 responses to “Work in Progress: Log Cabin

  1. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Oh, my! This is going to be spectacular! Congratulations on finishing all these tiny blocks. I may be able to attend your guild show and see the finished quilt “in person”. Good luck with the fall fair.

  2. Wow, Peggy!….you certainly are ambitious! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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