2013-16: Double Pinwheel Quilt


This quilt is made from left-over blocks from the second set of blocks I ever made.  That was back in 1997, before I knew about points and matching seams and squaring up blocks!   I took the best of the lot and made the first quilt  http://wp.me/p1RFMf-4s in 2011.  These Double Pinwheel blocks were the left-over blocks.  I could not bear to throw them out, so I added coping strips of yellow print and then squared them up to the same size.

Then I added a blue striped sashing and a yellow and blue sashing block for the corners.  The border is a tiny blue shirting check.  The quilt design, Anne’s Garden by Anne Bright, is quilted with a Superior light blue So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Even though the blocks are not as accurate as my current quilting standards would want, I am still very pleased with this quilt and look on it fondly as a statement of where I was when I started quilting.  Not perfect, but a great testimony as to how much I have learned since 1997 when I started quilting.

And it means another UFO done and one more quilt that goes into my wedding gift stash!

4 responses to “2013-16: Double Pinwheel Quilt

  1. Congratulations on completing your latest UFO!! And it looks very snuggle-worthy! Isn’t it neat when you’re able to see progress in your endeavors? I’ve only been quilting for about 2 years, but each quilt I make is a tiny bit better than the last one.


    • Jory, You are so right! Focusing on the the incremental improvements in our quilting technique is encouraging. it really does take time and effort to develop skill, but the process of learning and developing can be very enjoyable.

  2. What a pretty quilt! The yellow sashing around the blocks gives it an extra bright and happy boost. YAY for you another finish!

    • Thanks, Deanna! Isn’t it amazing with a splash of yellow will do to bring sparkle to a quilt. Some say that every quilt should have a bit of yellow and a bit of red for sparkle. I agree that the yellow in this quilt makes it a happy quilt.

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