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2013-15: Country Nine Patch

??????????Karen, a former work colleague, moved to a new job in another city and cleaned out her sewing room.  During the preparation for moving process, I would come into work each morning and find little gifts of fabric on my desk.  Being the fabric-obsessed person that I am, I was always thrilled.  One day, she brought me some completed nine patch blocks and a bag of 2.5 inch strips that had been destined to become more nine patch blocks.  Karen said she would never finish it, so was officially letting go!

Fast forward five years to when I became inspired to work on it.  I made the balance of the nine patches, using every available strip and then teamed them with a dusty pink shirting fabric to set them off.  In my stash, I found a calico that picked up some of the colors of the blocks for the setting triangles.

The quilt sat for a few more years because I did not have immediate inspiration for the borders.  Finally, I decided that done is better than perfect, so I pulled an old Jinny Beyer border print from my stash.  I liked the center strip in the design, but there was too much navy in the side strips.  So I cut the center strip out of the design and added two side strips of muted green to make it wider and tone down the intensity of the strip.  I did not have enough of the fabric to do mitered corners, so I made four additional nine patch blocks using the border fabric, the muted green and the setting square fabric.  They worked well as corner blocks.  The backing is a country garden print which contained all of the colors of the top.  It too was from my stash!

The quilting is a pattern called Anne’s Garden by Anne Bright.  The thread is a dusty rose Superior So Fine with a rose colored Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The binding is a navy with violet overtones.  The straight grain binding was attached on the front and finished on the back with Superior MonoPoly.

Hooray!  Another one done and off my conscience!

2013-14 Exploding Rail Fence

Exploding Rail Fence

This quilt which I call Exploding Rail Fence is made from the quilt blocks designed by the Three Dudes and made popular by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I forget what they call it, but I can only think of it as Exploding Rail Fence.

To make this block, you start with two rail fence blocks.  They are placed right sides together with one of the blocks rotated 90 degrees.  You then sew around all four sides of the sandwich.  Then you cut the sandwich on the diagonal into quarters.  The quarters are opened up, pressed, rearranged and sewn together to form a square.

The result is a block that is quite different from the rail fence you started out with.  Unfortunately, all of the blocks now have bias edges.  I really dislike bias edges on blocks because it is hard to keep the block square and true.  So to counteract the bias, I put straight grain coping strips on all four sides of the blocks.  They ended up looking like this:


I then added sashing and sashing blocks.  Because the coping strips were on the straight grain, the blocks were true and square.

Exploding Rail Fence Blocks

Then the borders of a blue striped shirting fabric were added.  The quilting design is called Fantasia but unfortunately, I do not know the name of the designer.  The backing is a light blue small vintage print that I bought while on holiday in New York City.  The binding in a deep purple is attached to the front by machine and sewn with an invisible stitch to the back by machine with Superior MonoPoly thread.  The corners were hand stitched to finish the quilt.

It is quite big and will be a gift to someone, someday!