2013-13 Pine Bough Table Topper

Pine Bough Table TopperThis small table topper was made from a small strip of border print.   It is assembled from 6 triangles, cut alternately from the border strip.

Cutting Border PrintOnce cut, the triangles were rearranged to form a hexagon.  Assembling it is easiest when three triangles are joined to form one half of the hexagon.  Then the two halves are sewn together, taking care to match the center seam.

I quilted the topper with a digital design called Majestic Pines by Donna Klineke of One Song Needle Arts.  I used Shape Shift to pull the design into the corners of the hexagon.  The tread is a camel colored So Fine on top and an off white Bottom Line in the bobbin.    The back of the table topper shows the design more clearly.

Hanukkah Print Backing

The topper fabric is appropriate for most of the winter, even though it is a Christmas print.  The backing is a Hanukkah print, so I think of this as my multi-faith table topper.  I can flip it over for the appropriate holiday celebration!

The binding is applied to the front and hand stitched to the back.  I chose to do the binding by hand because we had a trip out of town and I needed something to do on the long drive.  So now it is done!

2 responses to “2013-13 Pine Bough Table Topper

  1. what size of triangle did you cut. love this idea. have a piece of xmas fabric that I saved off of piece of border fabric and used the plain part in another quilt. thanks,

    • Hi Sharon:
      The triangle is a 60 degree triangle cut 8.5 inches high on the perpendicular. I used an AcuAngle EasyEquil ruler that cuts equilateral triangles easily. You can see the ruler I used in the second photograph.
      Hope that helps,

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