2013-12: Yellow Fan Quilt

??????????This quilt is made with a top I bought on eBay.  The sides are all bias edged triangles.  The top sat in my cupboard for a few years till a few months ago, when I pulled it out and quilted it with a pantograph.  With the four bias sides, it was a challenge to keep it square and flat, but with some fussing and fiddling, I managed to do it!  The finished quilt turned out much better than I expected.

Friend and guild member Nancy  added the binding and it has now been donated to the organization Women in Crisis.  Hopefully it will bring comfort to someone who has fled her home with nothing.

2 responses to “2013-12: Yellow Fan Quilt

  1. Do you do anything special to stabilize such a situation?

    • Hi Deanna:
      When quilting a quilt with bias edges, I do one of two things:
      1) Use basting spray and attach the top to the backing very carefully on a flat surface before mounting. I pat and poke and prod until it is square, even and has no bumps. This works well for really difficult tops. Once it is mounted, I add a few strategic pins to keep the top in place.

      2) In this case, because it was basically flat without any D cups, I mounted it on the long arm the same as I normally mount – a full float, and kept the pins and measuring tape in full use to keep it square every time I advanced. I pinned the sides before I basted, just to be sure it did not move. The quilt ended up remarkably square, so all of my careful attention to the measuring tape must have worked!

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