Outreach – Modern Quilt

Modern QuiltThis modern quilt was dropped off at my door by Leslie, the owner of Reichart’s quilt store in St. Jacobs.  I expect it was a shop sample.  I do not know if it was made by Leslie or by one of her staff.   Leslie asked if this quilt could be finished and donated to Women in Crisis.   I was happy to oblige her, as Women in Crisis is one of the groups our guild is supporting this year.  (Thanks, Leslie!)  I do not know the name of the pattern.  I saw a quilt of the same design hanging at the Mount Forest quilt show yesterday, so I suspect it is a commercial pattern, but have no idea who designed it.  Anyone know?

I quilted it with a simple basket weave pattern I created to support the modern feel of this design. The thread is a cream cotton wrapped poly on top and a cream Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The backing is a gold/rust flower print that guild member Carol brought to me a few months ago.  Carol was downsizing and found this print that came from her mothers stash in the 50’s.  The fabric was 36″ wide, so you know it has been a long time since that was in the stores!  The high quality cotton print was perfect for this quilt! (Thanks, Carol!)

The quilt has now been dropped off to guild member Kay, who will add the coordinating blue print binding and guild label before Wednesday when she will bring it to the guild meeting to be donated to Women in Crisis.  (Thanks, Kay!)  It is great to have a team of committed women who all do a small part to accomplish big things.

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