2013-10: Bandana Stars

Bandana StarsTwo decades or so ago, I bought a partial bolt of pillow panels from at the garage sale of a woman who owned a country decorating store.  After ten years of wondering what I would ever do with them, I opted to make coordinating Ohio Star blocks.   The finished blocks sat in a drawer for another five years or more.  As part of my ongoing efforts to clean up my UFO cupboards, I assembled the blocks into this top.  I debated putting borders on it, but finally decided to leave it as a large throw quilt at 76″ by 76″.    Because the squares look similar to neck kerchiefs,  I have named it Bandana Stars.

Recently, I bought a digital quilting design called Barbra’s Feathers from One Song Needle Arts and decided to try it out on this quilt.  This quilt is not a treasure and definitely does not deserve custom quilting, but that is what it got!  All of the blocks were ditched with MonoPoly.  The quilting is done with a tan colored cotton wrapped Poly Core.  The bobbin thread is Bottom Line by Superior.  The binding was applied to the back and stitched on the front with a tiny applique stitch that is almost invisible.  Looks great!  Here is a photo of the quilting detail:



4 responses to “2013-10: Bandana Stars

  1. Who says the quilt didn’t deserve that? Whatever it started as, it has certainly risen to the occasion–a quilt anyone would be pleased to own.

  2. Peggy, I love this quilting detail!

  3. You definitely way to critical of your own work. My first thought was WOW!

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