2013-8: Oranges and Lemons

??????????This lap quilt is named for the printed sashing.  The fruit print makes me think of Oranges and Lemons, a piano piece I learned when I was a child.  I think the fruit might actually be peaches, but my mind only reads oranges and lemons.  I made this lap quilt as a challenge to use these printed scraps given to me by a friend.  I made disappearing nine patch blocks and then decided I did not like the arrangement.  So I then made an extra row of sashed squares to turn the full quilt into sashed blocks.  I then added the narrow inner yellow border and the wide green outer border.  If I were to do it over, I would choose to make the yellow border narrower, to tone down the power of the yellow.

I quilted it with a bright yellow poly thread with Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The quilting design is called Insignia.  I cannot recall the name of the designer.

The binding is applied to the front by machine and hand stitched to the back.  The binding has been an ongoing hand stitching project for at least a month.  Thank heavens, I have guild meetings when I can sit and stitch.

The finished quilt will go into my stash ready to be given away when I am inspired by the right occasion.

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