2013-7: Xmas Gold Table Topper


This table topper, made of luscious gold print Kaufman fabrics was fun to quilt. I used Nancy Haacke’s Snowflake Simple pantograph using a tan colored So Fine and a Cream colored Bottom Line.  It quilted up nicely!  The snowflakes in the design coordinate with the snowflakes in the fabric print.

I used my new machine binding technique.  This time, I applied the binding to the back, folded over to the front and stitched using MonoPoly on top with a blanket stitch (narrow width, long length).  My Bernina balked at sewing with MonoPoly on top.  After five tries, rethreading, cleaning, changing needle and anything else I could think of, I finally gave up.  I put MonoPoly in the bobbin and used a light tan Bottom Line on top.  It sewed like a dream.  The Bottom Line is so fine, it basically fades into the fabric.   I was again quite pleased with the result.  Now that my machine binding turns out better, I am going to make it my go-to binding method.  Definitely is a lot faster to do it this way!

This table topper will be a donation quilt.   Hopefully it can benefit a charity.


4 responses to “2013-7: Xmas Gold Table Topper

  1. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Peggy, when you use MonoPoly in the bobbin, do you have to wind it by hand?

    • Laurie, I just wind the MonPoly on my regular bobbin winder. No problems at all. I have also heard many admonitions about not using this type of thread in bobbins. I am convinced that refers to the old invisible nylon thread that is like fishing line. There is a BIG difference with the soft, thin, supple threads like MonoPoly.

  2. Just beautiful, love the gold Kaufman fabrics! Your quilting is great, do you quilt for others?

    • Hi Diane:
      Thanks for the compliment on my quilting. It is the part of the project that I enjoy the most. I have been machine quilting since 2000, and since my recent retirement from my day job, have begun to quilt for others. I have a few customers who say “Do whatever you want, anything you want to try or practice.” Wow, Blank canvas! Love it! I am happy with the process and they are delighted with the results. Win-Win!

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