2013-6: Farm Animal Quilt

Farm Animals

This quilt is made of a top I pieced last summer at the cottage.  The tumbler pieces are die cut with an Accuquilt small tumbler die.  I raided my bin of animal print scraps to cut these pieces of farm themed prints.  I had a stack of yellow tumblers left over from my zoo animals quilt.  They seemed to go fairly well with these prints, so I chose to use them as the alternating tumbler.  The backing is a light tan colored print of tossed cows.

The quilting design is a pantograph with horses heads.  There is no copywrite on the pattern, but I have the feeling it was designed by Nancy Haacke.  The top thread is a tan Polycore with Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The binding is attached to the front by machine and hand stitched to the back.  Binding is always my stumbling block, as I do not like doing it.  This one has been my take along project for the last week and I finished it at the Guild meeting, just in time for Show and Tell.  The reward for sticking at the binding is that now I can count this one as done!


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