Quilting for the Community – A Busy Winter!

Qutreach QuiltsWe have worked hard this winter making quilts for our guild’s community outreach efforts.  Since I took on the chair of the committee, we have completed approximately 150 quilts with another 60 kits in circulation to be assembled.  This photo shows about 80 of the quilts.  Most of these will be given to Victim Services in May.  About 10 large quilts will be given to Women in Crisis in June.

At that point, my chair role is finished.  Even though I have enjoyed it immensely, working with a wonderful team of quilters, I will be happy to be able to focus on my own projects.  Fall Fair season is coming up soon and I have almost nothing ready!  I’d better get cracking!

Several of my own projects are complete to the point of binding.  Always my stumbling block!  I tend to save this for when I have to sit waiting – during travel or waiting for appointments.  I have not had to do any waiting for a while, so the binding is piling up.  I’ll have to put a project right by the phone, so when I am chatting with a friend, my hands can be busy too!

A few more projects are in the block assembly stage.  I really like piecing blocks, but because I like small intricate blocks, it takes a while to get them done.  I may have to reconsider my decision not to post projects until they are done-done.  If I wait to post, it might look like I am not quilting.  Not true! I’m quilting steadily – but just not getting things to the finish.   It sounds like a new approach might be in order!

2 responses to “Quilting for the Community – A Busy Winter!

  1. Laurie in Brampton, Ontario

    Hello Peggy! So happy to read your recent posts. My goodness you and your team have been busy over the winter. What a great contribution you have made to your guild and the community. I was in Lancaster last week and thought of you when visiting the Amish fabric stores out in the farmland.
    Keep Calm and Quilt On,
    Laurie in Brampton

  2. Hi Laurie: Thanks for your message! Yes, we had a busy and full winter. Lancaster sounds like it would have been fun. I wish I could have been with you at those Amish stores. But maybe it is better that I stay home and use my stash instead of buying more! LOL!

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