2012-36: Autumn Strips Table Runner

Autumn Strips Table Runner

This table runner was made from a kit purchased from a local quilt store.  I assume the pieces came from a coordinating line of fabrics since they all go together quite well. The advantage of using a kit is that the fabrics are all selected and in this case, precut.  One of the disadvantages of using a kit is having to work with the fabric as it is cut.  I admit to feeling disappointment that the border strips, cut width of fabric were not cut accurately on grain.  Even though the two borders are both small all-over prints, my picky eye can see that the design does not run true on either border.  Likely nobody but me will ever notice, but it does reinforce for me the importance of accurate cutting to the success of a project.

The kit was designed to be made and birthed envelope style.  It would have been quite simple to make it that way.  However, I prefer the look of free motion quilting, so I made up the top, layered it and quilted it as one piece.  The center was quilted with a stipple meander, the first border with a continuous swirl and the outside border was quilted with an echoed half feather border design.   The binding was machine applied to the front and hand stitched to the back.   The binding was not included in the kit, so I pulled a rust/metallic gold print from my stash that blended well with the borders.   The double-fold binding, my preferred style, was attached by machine to the front of the runner and hand stitched to the back.

The runner finished at 15.5 inches by 42 inches.  It will go into my stash of finished quilts where it will wait to be given as a gift.  I expect it will be given as a shower gift to a niece who loves these colors.

It feels nice to get some of my small projects done.  Sometimes a pile of unfinished flimsies can feel heavy on the mind and shoulders.  That makes two finished today.  I feel lighter already!

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