2012-33: Prairie Braid Table Runner

Braid Table RunnerThis is the second table runner I made from a left-over prairie braid strips.  I make my strips from pieces that are cut 1.5 ” by 4.5 inches.  I put light on one side of the braid and dark colors on the other side of the braid.  To create a runner with a solid strip down the centre, I need to make two braid with a mirror image – meaning one with dark on the right side and one with dark colors on the left side so that when they are joined together, they make a braid of the darker values while the light side frames the braid.

I bordered these autumn colors with a warm brown print and bound it with a metallic gold leaf print. The runner is quilted in the centre with a small stipple meander in a YLI variegated threads in autumn colors.  The border is quilted with a leaf motif, adding to the autumn theme of the runner.

The finished runner will go into my stash of gift items.  I love the convenience of being able to pull a hand made gift from my collection of finished items whenever I need a gift.  Having lots of finished items allows me to indulge my generous impulses to bless someone with an unexpected gift.  It also allows me some choice, making it easier to select a runner or table topper that best suits the home of my recipient.


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